NINDS Office of Research Quality

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The NINDS Office of Research Quality is dedicated to promoting:

  • Experimental and analytical rigor
  • Measures to reduce bias
  • Transparent reporting
  • High-quality scientific research

As described in the 2021-2026 NINDS Strategic Plan, NINDS is dedicated to increasing attention to principles of good study design and transparent reporting. These principles are essential to enable the scientific community, as well as the community at large, to assess the value of scientific findings. Please visit the resources referenced below or contact us for more information.

Due April 1, 2024: Request for Information on Potential Solutions for Reducing Publication Bias Against Null Studies (NOT-NS-24-052)

The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to solicit public input on the barriers and solutions to reducing publication bias (i.e., the preferential dissemination of statistically significant or otherwise exciting studies) in biomedical research. Dissemination of positive as well as null studies (studies where the primary endpoint or key finding does not reach statistical significance) is vital for scientific progress and accurate assessment of cumulative evidence. However, formal dissemination of null studies is rare. Thus, NINDS is seeking input on potential solutions that will address publication bias across biomedical research fields. Please see the submission webform for more information.

Results of this RFI will be discussed at the Novel Approaches to Preventing Publication Bias Workshop taking place May 20-21, 2024.

NINDS Applicant Guidelines

NINDS provides guidance to grant applicants on how to improve the quality of NINDS-supported research through rigorous study design and transparent reporting. Visit this guidance page for more information on how to design and report studies so that the scientific community can assess the quality of scientific findings and peer reviewers can advise appropriately on scientific merit.

Rigor Champions

After NINDS workshops held in October 2018 and May 2022 on how to improve scientific practice, NINDS now calls for interested members of the scientific community to identify themselves as champions for scientific rigor and to share best practices. Please visit the Rigor Champions page for more information about how to get involved, including funding opportunities.

Initiative to Improve Training in the Principles of Rigorous Research

NINDS has launched a new initiative to improve training in the principles of rigorous research. Companion funding opportunities are supporting the creation, evaluation, and dissemination of a user-friendly, adaptable, and openly accessible educational resource to promote awareness, understanding, and utilization of the principles of rigorous research. Visit the initiative webpage to learn more, including how to apply for future receipt dates.

  • Also see this list of non-NINDS resources that may be potentially helpful for improving awareness and practice of scientific rigor and transparency.

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Shai Silberberg, Ph.D. | Director, Research Quality

Devon Crawford, Ph.D. | Program Director

Mariah Hoye, Ph.D. | Project Manager

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