Active Projects for Partnering

DTR funding by research area fiscal year 2021

The Division of Translational Research funds programs to support new technology development and treatments for neurological disorders and prepares them for investor funding and corporate partnerships. We provide critical path funding and research resources for biotechnology companies and university researchers to advance early-stage neurological technologies, devices, and therapeutic programs to industry adoption (i.e., investor funding and corporate partnerships). In the last fiscal year, our division funded research projects covering a wide range of modalities (see chart).

Please find below a list of active projects that would welcome new partners.

Full List of Active Projects for Partnering

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Title Indication Institution Modality (Category) PI Program
Enzyme replacement therapy for GM1 gangliosidosis lysosomal rare disease Genetic/Rare Disease BIOSTRATEGIES, LC Therapeutic - Biologic RADIN, DAVID Small Business
RNAi Therapy for Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1 Genetic/rare disease CHILDREN'S HOSP OF PHILADELPHIA Therapeutic biologic DAVIDSON, BEVERLY L CREATE Bio
Peripheral nerve stimulation for amputee pain Injury SPR THERAPEUTICS, LLC Therapeutic/prevention device BOGGS, JOSEPH WILDER Small Business
Human EGFRvIII-specific BiTE for the treatment of Glioblastoma Brain tumor DUKE UNIVERSITY Therapeutic biologic SAMPSON, JOHN H CREATE Bio
Electrical impedance myography technology for quantitative, at-home muscle assessment in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other neuromuscular disorders. Neurodegeneration MYOLEX, INC. Diagnostic device LUPTON, ELMER C Small Business
Stem Cells for Treating Acute Stroke Stroke SANERON CCEL THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic biologic KUZMIN-NICHOLS, NICOLE A Small Business
Validation of a novel cortical biomarker signature for pain Pain UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE Biomarker DA SILVA, JOYCE TEIXEIRA HEAL Biomarkers
Discovery of Biomarker Signatures Prognostic for Neuropathic Pain after Acute Spinal Cord Injury Pain UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HLTH SCI CTR HOUSTON Biomarker HERGENROEDER, GEORGENE W HEAL Biomarkers
Discovery and Analytical Validation of Inflammatory Bio-Signatures of the Human Pain Experience Pain UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HLTH SCI CTR HOUSTON Biomarker PROSSIN, ALAN RODNEY HEAL Biomarkers
Biomarker Signature to Predict the Persistence of Post-Traumatic Headache Pain MAYO CLINIC ARIZONA Biomarker CHONG, CATHERINE DANIELA HEAL Biomarkers
Repression of Sodium Channels via a Gene Therapy for Treatment of Chronic Neuropathic Pain Pain NAVEGA THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic biologic MORENO, ANA MARIA Small Business
Assessment of Peripherally Circulating Plasma Proteins and Clinical Risks to Differentiate Epileptic Seizure from Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizure Epilepsy EVOGEN, INC. Biomarker GLEDHILL, JOHN Small Business
Targeting lipid rafts for treatment of migraine Pain RAFT PHARMACEUTICALS, LLC Therapeutic biologic BACON, KEVIN Small Business
Multielectrode Arrays for Neurotransmitter Detection with Fast Scan Cyclic Voltammetry Neuroscience research tool MICROPROBES FOR LIFE SCIENCE, INC. Research tool ZESTOS, ALEXANDROS GEORGE Small Business
Pre-clinical evaluation of DT-001, a small molecule antagonist of MD2-TLR4 for utility in the treatment of pain. Pain DOULEUR THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic small molecule YAKSH, TONY L Small Business
Optimization of non-addictive biologics to target sodium channels involved in pain signaling Pain UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT DAVIS Therapeutic biologic YAROV-YAROVOY, VLADIMIR M HEAL Biologics/ Small Molecules
The Inflammatory Index as a Biomarker for Pain in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease Pain MEDICAL COLLEGE OF WISCONSIN Biomarker BRANDOW, AMANDA M HEAL Biomarkers
SPRINT: Signature for Pain Recovery IN Teens Pain STANFORD UNIVERSITY Biomarker SIMONS, LAURA E HEAL Biomarkers
Implantable Peripheral Nerve Stimulator for Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain Pain RIPPLE, LLC Therapeutic/prevention device MCDONNALL, DANIEL HEAL Devices
IND-enabling studies on novel Cav3 T-channel modulators for treatment of neuropathic pain Pain AFASCI, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device XIE, XINMIN SIMON Small Business
Treatment of Lafora disease with an antibody-enzyme fusion Epilepsy UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY Therapeutic - Biologic GENTRY, MATTHEW S IGNITE
IGNITE: Development of novel cyclophilin B/PIKfyve inhibitors for treatment of Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors Genetic/rare disease SANFORD BURNHAM PREBYS MEDICAL DISCOVERY INSTITUTE Therapeutic - Small molecule OLSON, STEVEN H IGNITE
Advancing and calibrating anisotropic diffusion MR imaging brain connectome with Taxon brain network diffusion phantoms Neuroscience Research Tool PSYCHOLOGY SOFTWARE TOOLS, INC. Research tool/assay/animal model ZUCCOLOTTO, ANTHONY P Small Business
High-content screening for modulators of lamin B1 as a therapeutic target in autosomal dominant leukodystrophy Genetic/rare disease UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH AT PITTSBURGH Therapeutic - Small molecule VOGT, ANDREAS IGNITE
Soman-induced neuropathology in Gottingen minipig: large animal model assessment for MCM Countermeasures GENEVA FOUNDATION Research tool/assay/animal model LANGE, LUCILLE CounterAct
A Double-Blind, Randomized, Controlled Trial of Epidural Conus Medullaris Stimulation to Alleviate Pain and Augment Rehabilitation in Patients with Subacute Thoracic Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Injury DUKE UNIVERSITY Therapeutic/prevention device LAD, SHIVANAND P HEAL Devices
Prehospital Diagnostic Biomarker for Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke NEURAL ANALYTICS, INC. Biomarker HAMILTON, ROBERT Biomarkers
Optimizing oncolytic virus therapy for glioblastoma Brain Tumor UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HLTH SCI CTR HOUSTON Therapeutic - Biologic KAUR, BALVEEN IGNITE
The cyclic redox dye Azure B as a novel cyanide antidote: in vivo efficacy studies Countermeasures PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIV HERSHEY MED CTR Therapeutic - Small molecule HAOUZI, PHILIPPE A CounterAct
Calpastatin Peptide-based Calpain Inhibitor as a Traumatic Brain Injury Therapeutic Injury NEUROTHERANOSTICS, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic ANAGLI, JOHN Y Small Business
An integrated electrical impedance myography platform for neuromuscular disease classification and diagnosis Genetic/Rare Disease MYOLEX, INC. Diagnostic device/biomarker LUPTON, ELMER C Small Business
Targeted Therapy for Myasthenia Gravis Genetic/Rare Disease ARC BIOTECHNOLOGY, LLC Therapeutic - Biologic KAMINSKI, HENRY J Small Business
Plasma MicroRNA Biomarkers to Guide Rehabilitation Therapy After Stroke Stroke GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY Biomarker EDWARDSON, MATTHEW A Biomarkers
Objective tests utilizing Vibrational Spectroscopy for Diagnosis and Severity of Fibromyalgia and Related Pain Syndromes Pain UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN Biomarker HACKSHAW, KEVIN VICTOR Biomarkers
Therapeutics for Huntingtons Disease Neurodegeneration SYNTHETIC BIODESIGN, LLC Multiple/other RUFFNER, DUANE Small Business
A rapid blood test to aid the triage of patients affected by head injuries. Injury ACCEL DIAGNOSTICS, LLC Diagnostic device/biomarker GANDINI, ALBERTO Small Business
Infant NeuroLUX: A Novel Non-invasive Therapeutic Device for Neonatal Hypoxic Brain Injury Stroke MITOVATION, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device SANDERSON, THOMAS HUDSON Small Business
Advanced therapeutic for Parkinsons Disease Neurodegeneration INHIBIKASE THERAPEUTICS Therapeutic - Small molecule WERNER, MILTON H Small Business
Drug Eluting Embolization Coils for Improved Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms Stroke ANCURE, LLC Multiple/other BETTINGER, CHRISTOPHER JOHN Small Business
Rapid and Effective Localized Neurovascular Cooling Using the Khione Insulative Catheter Stroke FOCALCOOL, LLC Therapeutic/prevention device MERRILL, THOMAS L Small Business
Human Neural Cell Exosomes as a Therapeutic Treatment for Stroke Stroke ARUNA BIOMEDICAL, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic BAKER, EMILY W Small Business
User-driven Retrospectively Supervised Classification Updating (RESCU) system for robust upper limb prosthesis control Injury INFINITE BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Therapeutic/prevention device KALIKI, RAHUL REDDY Devices
Transcranial focused ultrasound for head and neck cancer pain. A pilot study Multiple/other UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Therapeutic/prevention device ELIAS, WILLIAM JEFFREY HEAL Devices
Novel monoclonal antibody for single dose treatment of acute CNS injury Injury ONCOSYNERGY, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic CARBONELL, ANNE-MARIE Small Business
iPSC-derived neurovascular tissue model of cerebral amyloiad angiopathy Neurodegeneration VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY Research tool/assay/animal model LIPPMANN, ETHAN IGNITE
Multi-Omic Biomarkers for Neuropathic Pain Secondary to Chemotherapy Pain CLEVELAND CLINIC LERNER COM-CWRU Biomarker ROTROFF, DANIEL HEAL Biomarker
Ultra-low attachment coatings to maintain CSF shunt patency Genetic/Rare Disease INNOVATIVE SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device TATON, KRISTIN S Small Business
Antioxidant enzyme-loaded Pro-NP for treatment of TBI. Injury PROTRANSIT NANOTHERAPY, LLC Therapeutic - Biologic MADSEN, GARY LEONARD Small Business
Advancing SRX246 to Commericialization Neurodegeneration AZEVAN PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device BROWNSTEIN, MICHAEL J Small Business
Rapid, Multiplexed, Idealized Antiepileptic Drug Monitoring Epilepsy ELECTRONIC BIOSCIENCES, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device SCHIBEL, ANNA Small Business
Cryopreserved preparations of male and female brain cells to study gender-related issues Multiple/Other SPOT CELLS, LLC Research tool/assay/animal model KIEDROWSKI, LECH Small Business
Eliminating the human factor from stereotaxic surgeries Multiple/Other POPNEURON LTD. Research tool/assay/animal model KLUG, ACHIM Small Business
EpiZode: Noninvasive Seizure Screening in Preclinical Models of Epilepsy Epilepsy SIGNAL SOLUTIONS, LLC Research tool/assay/animal model SUNDERAM, SRIDHAR Small Business
Refinement of a rapid saliva miRNA diagnostic test for concussion Injury QUADRANT BIOSCIENCES, INC. Diagnostic device/biomarker LEVITSKIY, DAVID Small Business
Transposon Engineered B Cell Therapy for Hunter Syndrome Genetic/Rare Disease IMMUSOFT CORPORATION Therapeutic - Biologic HAMPE, CHRISTIANE S Small Business
Developing Drug-like Small Molecules that Target Toxic Repeat RNAs to Alleviate Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1-derived Mis-Splicing Genetic/Rare Disease NYMIRUM, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule KIMSEY, ISAAC J Small Business
Selective actin remodeling of sensory neurons for acute pain management Pain NEUROCARRUS, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule BLUM, PAUL Small Business
Development of a topical fixed-dose combination drug for peripheral neuropathic pain. Pain WINSANTOR, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule HANSEN, ANGELA Small Business
Pharmacodynamics and in vivo efficacy of fumarate for mitochondrial disease in vivo Neurodegeneration UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT DAVIS Therapeutic - Small molecule CORTOPASSI, GINO A IGNITE
Prognostic biomarkers for high-impact chronic pain: Development and validation Pain STANFORD UNIVERSITY Biomarker MACKEY, SEAN C HEAL Biomarker
Novel monoclonal antibody for single dose treatment of acute CNS injury Injury ONCOSYNERGY, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic CARBONELL, ANNE-MARIE Small Business
Anticonvulsant screening using chronic epilepsy models Epilepsy MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Therapeutic - Small molecule STALEY, KEVIN J IGNITE
Clinical Testing of an Intracortical Visual Prosthesis System Multiple/other ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Therapeutic/prevention device TROYK, PHILIP R Devices
The cyclic redox dye Azure B as a novel cyanide antidote: in vivo efficacy studies Countermeasures PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIV HERSHEY MED CTR Therapeutic - Small molecule HAOUZI, PHILIPPE A CounterAct
Early Feasibility Clinical Study of the VitalFlow Stimulator, an Emergency Treatment for Ischemic Stroke Stroke NERVIVE, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device SACRISTAN, EMILIO Devices
Combined Cortical and Subcortical Recording and Stimulation as a Circuit-Oriented Treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Multiple/other MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Therapeutic/prevention device DOUGHERTY, DARIN D Devices
Clinical Translation of Targeted and Noninvasive Ultrasonic Propofol Uncaging Epilepsy STANFORD UNIVERSITY Therapeutic/prevention device AIRAN, RAAG D Devices
Development of Therapeutic Antibody for Traumatic Brain Injury Injury BETH ISRAEL DEACONESS MEDICAL CENTER Therapeutic - Biologic ZEIDEL, MARK L CREATE Bio
Neurophysiologically Based Brain State Tracking & Modulation in Focal Epilepsy Epilepsy MAYO CLINIC ROCHESTER Therapeutic/prevention device WORRELL, GREGORY A Devices
Dual Lead Thalamic DBR-DBS Interface for Closed Loop Control of Severe Essential Tremor Neurodegeneration UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Therapeutic/prevention device OWEISS, KARIM G Devices
Clinical Translation of Ultrasonic Ketamine Uncaging for Non-Opioid Therapy of Chronic Pain Pain STANFORD UNIVERSITY Therapeutic/prevention device AIRAN, RAAG D HEAL Devices
Development of cellular HTS for 20S proteasome enhancers Neurodegeneration MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Therapeutic - Small molecule TEPE, JETZE J IGNITE
Blood test to aid treatment decisions for perinatal asphyxiation Injury MESO SCALE DIAGNOSTICS, LLC Biomarker CAMPBELL, CHRISTOPHER T Biomarkers
Slack Potassium Channel Inhibitors for the Treatment of Childhood Epilepsies Epilepsy VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY Therapeutic - Small molecule WEAVER, C DAVID IGNITE
Pharmacokinetic assessment of peptide-based therapy HV-3 for the treatment of Huntingtons disease Neurodegeneration JANUSQ, LLC Therapeutic - Biologic SCHILB, ANDREW LORING Small Business
Development of selective calpain-1 inhibitors for chronic pain Pain 1910 GENETICS INC. Therapeutic - Biologic NWANKWO, JENNIFER O Small Business
Development of a novel analgesic for mixed inflammatory and neuropathic pain states Pain ANABIOS CORPORATION Therapeutic - Small molecule GHETTI, ANDREA Small Business
Exploring Antisense Oligonucleotides as a potential therapy for Autosomal Dominant Leukodystrophy Genetic/rare disease UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH AT PITTSBURGH Therapeutic - Biologic PADIATH, QUASAR S IGNITE
Humanization of a Notch 3 agonist antibody for pre-clinical development of a CADASIL treatment Genetic/rare disease SCHEPENS EYE RESEARCH INSTITUTE Therapeutic - Biologic ARBOLEDA-VELASQUEZ, JOSEPH CREATE Bio
Extracellular RNA biomarkers of myotonic dystrophy type 1 Genetic/rare disease MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Biomarker WHEELER, THURMAN M Biomarkers
Stimulation of novel spinal respiratory circuit to restore breathing in ventilator-dependent patients with SCI. Injury UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES Therapeutic/prevention device LU, DANIEL Devices
Clinical Validation of Serum Neurofilament Light as a Biomarker of Traumatic Axonal Injury Injury UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Biomarker DIAZ-ARRASTIA, RAMON Biomarkers
Development of a Novel Chemokine Receptor Antagonist Peptide as a Non-Opioid Treatment for Relief of Chronic Pain Pain CREATIVE BIO-PEPTIDES, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic RUFF, MICHAEL R Small Business
NINDS CREATE DISCOVERY: Development of dendrimer-N-acetylcysteine for the treatment of neonatal brain injury Injury JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Therapeutic - Biologic RANGARAMANUJAM, KANNAN CREATE Bio
Closed-Loop Micromagnetic Neuromodulation as a Non-Opioid Treatment for Neuropathic Pain. Pain QUANTUM NANOSTIM Therapeutic/prevention device REILLY, THOMAS Small Business
Preclinical Development of VERSAMAB-101 for Spinal Cord Injury Injury VERSAPEUTICS INC Therapeutic - Biologic SUN, MIAO Small Business
Development of gene therapy product for treating MPS IIIB Genetic/Rare Disease NEUROGT, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic FU, HAIYAN Small Business
Explore Slow-Release Formulation of a Peptide Therapeutic for Migraine Pain ACHERX Therapeutic - Biologic SOARES, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH Small Business
Increasing NF1 Expression as a Treatment for NF1 Haploinsufficiency Genetic/Rare Disease INFIXION BIOSCIENCE, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule SARNOFF, HERB Small Business
High-throughput Screen for Discovery of Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor (CNTF) Receptor Agonists for the Treatment of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Neurodegeneration MAYO CLINIC JACKSONVILLE Therapeutic - Small molecule ROSSOLL, WILFRIED IGNITE
Novel Antidotes for H2S Poisoning Countermeasures MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL Therapeutic - Small molecule ICHINOSE, FUMITO CounterACT
Drug Discovery for Spinocerebellar Ataxia, using Novel Fluorescence Technology Targeting ?-III-Spectrin Neurodegeneration UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Therapeutic - Small molecule HAYS, THOMAS S IGNITE
Evaluating the Blood-Brain Barrier Bioavailability and in vivo Efficacy Potential of a Novel TAK1 Inhibitor Targeting Chronic Pain Pain EYDIS BIO, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic SCARNEO, SCOTT Small Business
A Novel RNA Therapeutics Platform to Treat Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy and other Neuromuscular Disorders Genetic/Rare Disease MIRECULE, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic SALEH, ANTHONY D Small Business
Probe for Quantitative Fluorescence. Phase 2 Brain Tumor INSIGHT SURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Therapeutic/prevention device ROBERTS, DAVID W Small Business
Implantable Recording and Integrated Stimulation (IRIS) device for cortical experiments Neuroscience Research Tool RIPPLE, LLC Research tool/assay/animal model WILDER, ANDREW Small Business
Central Vein Sign: A Diagnostic Biomarker in Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis CLEVELAND CLINIC LERNER COM-CWRU Biomarker ONTANEDA, DANIEL Biomarkers
Evaluation of Novel Dually Targeted Kinase Inhibitors for Therapy of Adult and Pediatric High-Grade Glioma Brain Tumor UNIVERSITY OF TX MD ANDERSON CAN CTR Therapeutic - Small molecule CHANDRA, JOYA IGNITE
PIKFYVE antagonism as a therapy for C9ORF72-ALS/FTD Neurodegeneration ACURASTEM, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule ALWORTH, SAMUEL V Small Business
Deve inlopment of A High-Throughput Screen for Identification of Targeted Therapies in Brainstem Tumors with the H3K27M Mutation Brain Tumor MAYO CLINIC ROCHESTER Therapeutic - Small molecule DANIELS, DAVID IGNITE
Preclinical Development of Antisense Oligonucleotide Therapy for Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 3 Neurodegeneration UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN AT ANN ARBOR Therapeutic - Biologic MCLOUGHLIN, HAYLEY SARAH CREATE Bio
Commercialization Readiness Pilot (CRP) to maximize vamorolone international labeling and sales Genetic/Rare Disease REVERAGEN BIOPHARMA, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule HOFFMAN, ERIC P Small Business
Epilepsy Seizure Detection with Innovative Tripolar EEG (tEEG) Epilepsy CREMEDICAL CORPORATION Therapeutic/prevention device BESIO, WALTER GRANT Devices
Noninvasive, wireless thermal sensors for the quantitative monitoring of ventricular shunt function in patients with hydrocephalus Genetic/rare disease RHAEOS, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device SOMERA, ANNA LISA Devices
Novel Anticonvulsant and Neuroprotective Therapies for TETS and OP Intoxication Countermeasures UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT DAVIS Therapeutic - Small molecule LEIN, PAMELA J CounterACT
Actigraphy Enhanced Clinical Chronic Lower Back Pain Management Pain ARBOR MEDICAL INNOVATIONS, LLC Therapeutic/prevention device KRUGER, GRANT H Devices
Novel Counteract Agents To Reduce Mortality And Morbidity Following Organophosphate Status Epilepticus Countermeasures VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY Therapeutic - Small molecule DELORENZO, ROBERT JOHN CounterACT
Closed Loop Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinsons Disease Neurodegeneration UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN FRANCISCO Therapeutic/prevention device STARR, PHILIP ANDREW Devices
Scalar Closed-Loop STN/GPi DBS Based on Evoked and Spontaneous Potentials Neurodegeneration DUKE UNIVERSITY Therapeutic/prevention device TURNER, DENNIS ALAN Devices
Development of Novel Intra-aneurysmal Rapid Occlusion Device Stroke NEUROGAMI MEDICAL, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device HEBERT, STEPHEN J Small Business
Plasma metabolite and proteome signatures for migraine classification Pain BRIGHAM AND WOMEN'S HOSPITAL Biomarker CHASMAN, DANIEL IAN Biomarkers
Identification and verification of S-nitroysylated proteins in bodily fluids as biomarkers for Parkinsons disease and Lewy body dementia Neurodegeneration SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE, THE Biomarker NAKAMURA, TOMOHIRO Biomarkers
Catheter for Large Volume Intraparenchymal Brain Therapies Multiple/Other CREOSALUS, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device ABRAMOV, VASILIY Small Business
Noninvasive Biomarkers to Advance Emerging DBS Electrode Technologies in Parkinsons Disease Neurodegeneration UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM Therapeutic/prevention device WALKER, HARRISON CARROLL Devices
Advanced Development of Drugs to Mitigate Parathion Intoxication Countermeasures RBHS-SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Therapeutic - Small molecule LASKIN, JEFFREY D CounterACT
Analytical Validation of Tau and P-Tau as acute and subacute prognostic biomarkers for complicated mild TBI Injury UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Biomarker WANG, KEVIN KA WANG Biomarkers
Deep cerebellar electrical stimulation for post-stroke motor recovery Stroke CLEVELAND CLINIC LERNER COM-CWRU Therapeutic/prevention device MACHADO, ANDRE GUELMAN Devices
Educational Program on Translating Neural Medical Devices Multiple/Other UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Training JOHNSON, MATTHEW DOUGLAS Training
Development of IM Formulation of (2S,3S)-SPD for Nerve Agent Seizures Countermeasures UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT DAVIS Therapeutic - Small molecule ROGAWSKI, MICHAEL A CounterACT
Synthetic hydrogels for biomanufacturing of iPSC-derived neural cells for precision medicine multiple/other STEM PHARM, INC. Research tool/assay/animal model LEBAKKEN, CONNIE S Small Business
Development of S-PCT3010 to treat Parkinsons Disease Neurodegeneration POLYCORE THERAPEUTICS, LLC Therapeutic - Small molecule BECK, KELLY A Small Business
Improved Therapeutics for the Resurrection of the Aged Form of Acetylcholinesterase Countermeasures OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Therapeutic - Small molecule HADAD, CHRISTOPHER M CounterACT
Central thalamic stimulation for traumatic brain injury Injury WEILL MEDICAL COLL OF CORNELL UNIV Therapeutic/prevention device SCHIFF, NICHOLAS D Devices
Novel pediatric anticonvulsants for nerve agents Countermeasures TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCE CTR Therapeutic - Small molecule REDDY, DOODIPALA SAMBA CounterACT
Network Pharmacology for Epilepsy Prevention Epilepsy PREVEP, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule KLEIN, PAVEL Small Business
High-Resolution, Spinal Cord Stimulation for Non-Opioid Treatment of Neuropathic Pain Pain MICRO-LEADS, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device MCLAUGHLIN, BRYAN L HEAL Devices
tPA and NGF therapy for stroke Stroke HUMAN CELL CO Therapeutic - Biologic JEONG, SOON SEOG Small Business
Automation of Extracorporeal Filtration of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage via Spinal Catheter Stroke MINNETRONIX, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device MCCABE, AARON RICHARD Small Business
Kinase activation in multiple system atrophy Neurodegeneration INHIBIKASE THERAPEUTICS Research tool/assay/animal model WERNER, MILTON H Small Business
Real-time three-dimensional spinal navigation system for bedside lumbar puncture placement Multiple/other RIVANNA MEDICAL, LLC Diagnostic device MAULDIN, FRANK WILLIAM Small Business
Mitofusin agonists to prevent Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 2A Genetic/Rare Disease MITOCHONDRIA IN MOTION, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic DORN, GERALD W Small Business
Temporal Biomarker-Powered Immunotherapy Targeting GFAP for Traumatic Brain Injury Injury GRYPHON BIO, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic HASKINS, WILLIAM E Small Business
HBI-002 to Treat Parkinsons Disease Neurodegeneration HILLHURST BIOPHARMACEUTICALS, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule GOMPERTS, EDWARD Small Business
Enabling rapid and effective stroke thrombectomy procedures from a Transradial approach: Combining introducer sheath, guide catheter, and distal access catheter into a single device. Stroke CONWAY MEDICAL LLC Therapeutic/prevention device KALLMES, DAVID F Small Business
Neupron: A Neuroprotective Agent for Treating Acute Spinal Cord Injury Injury AXONEURAL THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule LABHASETWAR, VINOD D Small Business
Plug-and-Play High-Order B0 Shimming for Reliable Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging Epilepsy LUCIDITY MEDICAL, LLC Diagnostic device YANG, HSIN-JUNG Small Business
Selection & Optimization of a Therapeutic Protein for Acute Ischemic Stroke Functional Recovery Stroke STREAM BIOMEDICAL, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic ADKISSON, HUSTON DAVIS Small Business
Investigation of the Cortical Communication (CORTICOM) System Injury JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Therapeutic/prevention device CRONE, NATHAN E Devices
Preparing for IND-enabling safety studies for a potent and efficient neuroprotective drug. Stroke NEUREXIS THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic GOFORTH, ROBYN Small Business
AccuGyd: Accurate Guidance for MRI-Guided Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery Multiple/other IMGGYD LLC Therapeutic/prevention device OAKES, TERRENCE R Small Business
Pre-clinical evaluation of a rationally designed nanotherapeutic for Huntingtons disease Neurodegeneration NEURANO BIOSCIENCE Therapeutic - Small molecule MOLOKANOVA, ELENA Small Business
Circular mimics of Iron-response elements to inhibit ferroptosis Neurodegeneration CHIMERNA THERAPEUTICS INC. Therapeutic - Biologic PICKERING, BRIAN FREDERICK Small Business
Development and clinical assessment of a robust, 3D printed titanium, myoelectric powered prosthetic digit system Injury POINT DESIGNS, LLC Therapeutic/prevention device SLIKER, LEVIN Small Business
SensiTrak: Automated Assessment of Forelimb Sensation Neuroscience Research Tool VULINTUS, LLC Research tool/assay/animal model SLOAN, ANDREW MICHAEL Small Business
Optimization of a Gene Therapy for Chronic Pain in Human DRGs Pain NAVEGA THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic MORENO, ANA MARIA Small Business
Selective Androgen Receptor Degraders (SARDs) as new therapeutics for spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA) Genetic/Rare Disease ONCTERNAL THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic KAUFMANN, GUNNAR JOERG FLORIS Small Business
Clinical Evaluation of NoGo Trap Therapy in Chronic SCI Injury RENETX BIO, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic SMITH, ERIKA Small Business
Novel Water-Soluble Adjunct Anticonvulsants for Nerve Agents Countermeasures TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY HEALTH SCIENCE CTR Therapeutic - Small molecule REDDY, DOODIPALA SAMBA CounterACT
Development of a non-opioid chemogenetic therapy for chronic neuropathic pain Pain CODA BIOTHERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule KERAVALA, ANNAHITA Small Business
Mimicking synuclein toxicity in plant cells to identify novel neuroprotective leads Neurodegeneration NAPROGENIX, INC Therapeutic - Small molecule LITTLETON, JOHN M Small Business
Algorithm for the Real-Time Detection of Absence Seizures from Oculometric Data Epilepsy EYSZ, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device KUPERMAN, RACHEL Small Business
Circulating Organ-enriched microRNAs as biomarkers of Rett Syndrome Genetic/Rare Disease DIAMIR, LLC Diagnostic device/biomarker UMANSKY, SAMUIL R Small Business
Pudendal neuromodulation for urinary and fecal incontinence and sphincter dyssynergia Injury DIGNIFY THERAPEUTICS, LLC Therapeutic/prevention device THOR, KARL B Small Business
Generation of Tissue Engineered Nerve Grafts from GalSafe Porcine Neurons Injury AXONOVA MEDICAL, LLC Therapeutic - Biologic KATIYAR, KRITIKA Small Business
A youth-specific helmet for preventing traumatic brain injury Injury SAVIOR BRAIN INC. Therapeutic/prevention device CAMARILLO, DAVID Small Business
Analgesic Drug for Local Delivery by Fluoroscopy Pain INTERVENTIONAL ANALGESIX, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule BEUTLER, ANDREAS S Small Business
Development of Fluorescent Probes for Highlighting Nerves During Image Guided Surgeries Multiple/other ALUME BIOSCIENCES, INC. Research tool/assay/animal model WHITNEY, MICHAEL A Small Business
Spinal Fiber Optic Monitoring Injury UT SOUTHWESTERN MEDICAL CENTER Diagnostic device FLOYD, THOMAS F Devices
Microelectrode Array Insertion System using Ultrasonic Vibration to Improve Insertion Mechanics, Reduce Tissue Dimpling and Trauma, and Improve Placement Precision in the Neocortex multiple/other ACTUATED MEDICAL, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device MULVIHILL, MAUREEN L Small Business
Omniphobic cerebral shunt to eliminate clogging and dysfunction Genetic/Rare Disease FREEFLOW MEDICAL DEVICES, LLC Therapeutic/prevention device BANDYOPADHYAY, SAIBAL Small Business
Development of a novel therapeutic for treatment of white matter injury in premature infants Injury TELLUS THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic KRALIC, JASON Small Business
PHS 2019-02 Omnibus Solicitation of the NIH, CDC, and FDA for SmallBusiness Innovation Research Grant Applications (Parent Small Business [R43/R44] ClinicalTrial Not Allowed Neurodegeneration CUTANEOUS NEURODIAGNOSTICS, LLC Diagnostic device/biomarker LEVINE, TODD Small Business
Defining Targets for Tic Detection and Suppression in Tourette Syndrome Deep Brain Stimulation Genetic/rare disease UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Therapeutic/prevention device OKUN, MICHAEL S Devices
Acute Modulation of Stereotyped High Frequency Oscillations with a Closed-Loop Brain Interchange System in Drug Resistant Epilepsy Epilepsy UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON Therapeutic/prevention device INCE, NURI FIRAT Devices
Thin, High-Density, High-Performance, Depth and Surface Microelectrodes for Diagnosis and Treatment of Epilepsy Epilepsy UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO Therapeutic/prevention device DAYEH, SHADI Devices
20-HETE Formation Inhibitors in Cardiac Arrest Stroke UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH AT PITTSBURGH Therapeutic - Small molecule HURYN, DONNA M IGNITE
Development of a CCKBR-targeting scFv as Therapy for Chronic Pain Patients Pain UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO HEALTH SCIS CTR Therapeutic - Biologic WESTLUND-HIGH, KARIN N HEAL Biologics/Small Molecules
Disease Modifying Analgesia with CA8 Gene Therapy Pain UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI SCHOOL OF MEDICINE Therapeutic - Biologic LEVITT, ROY C HEAL Biologics/Small Molecules
Novel, non-opioid, non-addictive intrathecal therapy for the treatment of chronic pain Pain CENTREXION THERAPEUTICS CORPORATION Therapeutic - Small molecule CAMPBELL, JAMES N HEAL Biologics/Small Molecules
Development of Nav1.7 Monoclonal Antibodies for Treating Pain Pain INTEGRAL MOLECULAR Therapeutic - Biologic RUCKER, JOSEPH BENJAMIN Small Business
Targeting the neuropilin-1 receptor (NRP-1)/VEGF-A axis for neuropathic pain Pain REGULONIX, LLC Therapeutic - Small molecule KHANNA, RAJESH Small Business
Brain-cell penetrating antibodies for treatment of progressive multiple sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis ABZYME THERAPEUTICS, LLC Therapeutic - Biologic TRAN, HIEP T Small Business
Development of a stem cell platform for the treatment of neurodegenerativemicrogliopathies Genetic/Rare Disease NOVOGLIA, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic HASSELMANN, JONATHAN Small Business
Differential diagnosis of Parkinsons and multiple system atrophy in non-human primate models using a novel a-synuclein retinal contrast agent and AI-assisted analytics Neurodegeneration AMYDIS DIAGNOSTICS, INC. Biomarker SARRAF, STELLA Small Business
A device to prevent Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) Epilepsy SOTERYA, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device NGUYEN, JUSTIN KE Small Business
NanO2 as a Cerebroprotectant in a tMCAO Stroke Model in Mice Stroke NUVOX PHARMA, LLC Therapeutic - Small molecule UNGER, EVAN CHARLES Small Business
The first adaptable, 3D-formfitting microelectrode array for organoid-based models of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases Neuroscience Research Tool BMSEED, LLC Research tool/assay/animal model GRAUDEJUS, OLIVER Small Business
Preclinical development of a novel therapeutic for Parkinsons disease Neurodegeneration SINOPIA BIOSCIENCES, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule BORDBAR, AARASH Small Business
Long acting and peripherally restricted kappa-opioid receptor agonists for acute migraine treatment Pain PEPTIDE LOGIC, LLC Therapeutic - Biologic RIVIERE, PIERRE Small Business
Noninvasive challenge-free widely-accessible oxygen extraction fraction mapping Multiple/Other MEDIMAGEMETRIC, LLC Diagnostic device DORFMAN, GARY Small Business
Towards a Virtual Biopsy: An improved multimodal imaging biomarker to guide treatment decisions in neuro-oncology by combining advanced tissue microstructure imaging with deep learning Brain Tumor CORTECHS LABS, INC. Biomarker WHITE, NATHAN SCOTT Small Business
A Small Molecule Enzyme Replacement for the Treatment of CLN1 Genetic/Rare Disease PALM THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule RUDD, ANDREW Small Business
Inhibition of NF1 Protein Degradation as a Treatment for NF1 Haploinsufficiency Genetic/Rare Disease INFIXION BIOSCIENCE, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule MATTSON-HOSS, MICHELLE Small Business
Development of a PIKFYVE antisense oligonucleotide treatment for FTD Neurodegeneration ACURASTEM, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic ALWORTH, SAMUEL V Small Business
Development of KLS-13019 for Neuropathic Pain Pain KANNALIFE SCIENCES, INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule BRENNEMAN, DOUGLAS ERIC Small Business
Chemokine-receptor profiling for painful diabetic neuropathy in biological samples from human clinical trials Pain PLUMERIA THERAPEUTICS, INC. Biomarker RICHARDSON, THOMAS P Small Business
Immunomodulatory Therapy for Neuropathic Pain Pain APT THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic CHEN, RIDONG Small Business
Development of a Synthetic, Cell-Permeable Peptide for the Inhibition of CDK5-p25 Hyperactivity in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Neurodegeneration COGENTIS THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic - Biologic WERNER, JOHN KENT Small Business
Sustained Delivery of Tizanidine for Maintenance Treatment of Moderate to Severe Spasticity Multiple/other DELPOR, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device MARTIN, FRANCIS JOSEPH Small Business
Multi-path DCS as a novel non-invasive treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Neurodegeneration PATHMAKER NEUROSYSTEMS, INC. Research tool/assay/animal model AHMED, ZAGHLOUL Small Business
Drug Free Nerve Block Device for the Relief of Pain and Symptoms in Migraines and other Headaches Pain THERMAQUIL, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device POPIELARSKI, STEPHEN Small Business
Thalamic stimulation to prevent impaired consciousness in epilepsy Epilepsy YALE UNIVERSITY Therapeutic/prevention device BLUMENFELD, HAL Devices
RNA Targeted Drug Discovery and Development for Parkinson Disease Neurodegeneration RBHS-ROBERT WOOD JOHNSON MEDICAL SCHOOL Therapeutic - Small molecule MOURADIAN, M MARAL BPN
High-Resolution, Spinal Cord Stimulation for Non-Opioid Treatment of Neuropathic Pain Pain MICRO-LEADS, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device MCLAUGHLIN, BRYAN L Devices
An Instrument to Assess the Functional Impact of Chronic Pain Pain BARRON ASSOCIATES, INC. Diagnostic device CLARK, BRIAN R Small Business
Proteolipid protein suppression for Pelizaeus Merzbacher Disease Genetic/rare disease CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY Therapeutic - Biologic TESAR, PAUL JOSEPH IGNITE
Development of MRGPRX1 positive allosteric modulators as non-addictive therapies for neuropathic pain Pain JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Therapeutic - Small molecule TSUKAMOTO, TAKASHI HEAL Biologics/Small Molecules
Novel mGlu5 negative allosteric modulators as first-in-class non-addictive analgesic therapeutics Pain VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY Therapeutic - Small molecule ROOK, JERRI MICHELLE HEAL Biologics/Small Molecules
Development and Optimization of MNK Inhibitors for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain Pain 4E THERAPEUTICS INC. Therapeutic - Small molecule SAHN, JAMES JEFFREY HEAL Biologics/Small Molecules
Enhancing Physical Therapy with Brain Stimulation for Treating Postural Instability Neurodegeneration HIGHLAND INSTRUMENTS, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device WAGNER, TIMOTHY ANDREW Small Business
Novel non-narcotic analgesic for acute and chronic pain Pain SOUTH RAMPART PHARMA, LLC Therapeutic - Small molecule BAZAN, NICOLAS G Small Business
Internal and external validation of a porcine dystrophinopathy model Genetic/rare disease IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY Research tool/assay/animal model SELSBY, JOSHUA T IGNITE
Magnetically Enhanced Diffusion for Intra-Arterial Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke Stroke PULSE THERAPEUTICS, INC. Therapeutic/prevention device ABENDSCHEIN, DANA R Small Business
Modeling West Syndrome to Prevent Neurobehavioral Disabilities Epilepsy BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE Research tool/assay/animal model SWANN, JOHN WILLIAM IGNITE

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