Office of Neural Exposome and Toxicology Research

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The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) supports basic, translational, and clinical research on the brain and nervous system and uses that knowledge to reduce the burden of neurological disease for all people. Within the Division of Translational Research (DTR) at NINDS, the Office of Neural Exposome and Toxicology (ONETOX) supports research and provides resources to advance knowledge of internal and external exposures that affect brain and nervous system health (Neural Exposome), leads research related to chemical threats, and provides resources that promote chemical safety. 

ONETOX has three branches:

Neural Exposome
The Neural Exposome, which includes environmental neurotoxicants, the gut-brain axis and microbiome, social behaviors, and other internal and external exposures that affect neurological disease and disorders
Chemical Threats
Chemical Threats, which includes the NIH Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats (NIH CounterACT) program
Chemical Safety
Chemical Safety, which provides resources to reduce safety liabilities related to neurotoxic drugs, biohazards, use of Select Agents, and Dual Use Research of Concern 


Photo of Dr. David Jett

Dr. David Jett is the Director of the Office of Neural Exposome and Toxicology Research (ONETOX) at NINDS. He also serves as Program Director and Scientific Team Leader within the Division of Translational Research (DTR).  Dr. Jett has been at NINDS since 2001 and has led several programs including the development and launching the NIH CounterACT program after 9/11.  Prior to NINDS, he was faculty at Johns Hopkins University where his lab focused on the impact of chemical agents on nervous system function, including the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cognitive and neural development.

Resources and Tools


David A. Jett, Ph.D. | Director, ONETOX

Neel Dhruv, Ph.D. | Health Program Specialist

Amir Tamiz, Ph.D. | Director, Division of Translational Research

Funding Opportunities 

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Chemical Threats Funding Opportunities

Chemical Threats Notices and Other Funding Announcements

Chemical Safety Funding Opportunities

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News & Events

Tamiz AP, Koroshetz WJ, Dhruv NT, Jett DA. 2022. A focus on the neural exposome. Neuron. PMID: 35349785.

Webinar: NINDS Neural Exposome Top Priorities (NEXT) Working Group Strategic Planning Open Session
July 15, 2024 | 2PM ET

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April 19, 2024 | 1PM ET

Virtual Mini Workshop: Team Science to Advance Neural Exposome Research
February 29, 2024 | 1PM EST

OPEN Stage Webinar: The Neural Exposome - How NINDS is Supporting Exposomic Research
October 23, 2023 | 1PM EDT

Workshop: Status Epilepticus after Benzodiazepines: Seizures and Improving Long Term Outcomes
February 28 - March 1, 2023

Neuroscience 2022: The Neural Exposome and Why it's Important to You! | November 15, 2022; 6:30 pm PST