Know Stroke

Stroke causes severe life-changing disruption.
Together, we can disrupt stroke.

Stroke, a leading cause of death, can take away your ability to talk, walk, and think clearly. Stroke can happen to anyone—even if you’re young. Let’s disrupt this disruptor with prevention, treatment, and research.

Know The Symptoms

Act F.A.S.T.
to Save Lives

  • F

    Does one side of the face droop when smiling?

  • A

    When arms are raised, does one drift down?

  • S

    Is speech slurred or strange?

  • T
    Time to
    Call 911

    Do not drive — call an ambulance immediately.

Every second counts.

Stroke is a medical emergency. About 80% are ischemic stokes, which cut off blood to the brain. The rest are hemorrhagic strokes, caused by bleeding in or around the brain. The longer blood flow is cut off, the greater the damage. Getting to a hospital quickly saves lives and increases the chances for successful recovery.


Know Stroke Resources

Special Feature

Nobody can reduce your risk like you.

Everyone is at risk for stroke and dementia. But if you’re a Black man 28-45, you have a higher risk. Many years before stroke or dementia happen, uncontrolled high blood pressure narrows your arteries, decreasing blood to your brain. Take charge of your health!

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A World Leader in Stroke Research

NINDS conducts and funds the latest stroke research at NIH and major medical institutions.