Novel Approaches to Preventing Publication Bias Workshop

May 20, 2024 | 8:00 - May 21, 2024 | 4:15

Banner of the Novel Approaches to Preventing Publication Bias Workshop, May 20-21, 2024. Image of iceberg on the left with + sign above the water and - sign below the water.

The objective of this meeting is to promote the dissemination of all rigorously obtained biomedical research results by identifying novel interventions to reduce publication bias, which is the preferential dissemination of statistically significant or otherwise exciting studies. Such null studies, where the primary endpoint or key finding does not reach statistical significance, are especially rare in the literature. Dissemination of both positive and null studies, however, is vital for scientific progress and for accurate assessment of cumulative evidence.

This workshop will bring together a diverse cross-section of individuals who promote scientific rigor and transparency and are invested in mitigating publication bias. Attendees from various sectors, including active researchers, publishers, science societies, funders, and the broader scientific community, will provide their perspectives on the extent and consequences of publication bias in biomedical research, current interventions to improve dissemination of null results, barriers to success, and lessons learned that could improve future endeavors. Over two days of interactive discussions, participants will seek to identify strategies that could accelerate change toward better valuing all rigorously conducted studies, independent of the experimental outcome.

For additional information, including the agenda(pdf, 456 KB) and information on registration, please visit the workshop website.

To watch the workshop, please view the recordings from NIH Videocast:

Day 1: May 20, 2024

Day 2: May 21, 2024