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Your brain is what makes you, you. It helps you think and remember, creates your personality and also determines if you are happy or sad. And that’s in addition to controlling breathing, heart rate and other biological functions that are critical for survival. The brain is the most precious of all human possessions. What could be more important, then, than taking care of your brain? Your brain health is what matters most for your entire lifetime.

At NINDS, our mission is to seek fundamental knowledge about the brain and nervous system and to use that knowledge to reduce the burden of neurological disease. What makes cells in one part of the brain more likely to get damaged than cells in other areas? When brain cells are talking to one another, can we listen in on the conversation? Is it possible to treat, or prevent, neurological disorders? At NINDS, we look at all aspects of brain science, from the molecular building blocks that form brain cells and their connections to the effectiveness of a treatment on hundreds of people suffering from a neurological disease.

That’s where Brain for Life comes in. We want to serve as your one-stop shop for information on the brain and nervous system.

In Brain for Life we have information and resources on more than 400 neurological disorders from A to Z as well as primers on the brain itself in Brain Basics.

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Brain Basics

Brain Basics are a collection of educational resources for the public providing introductory information about the brain, how it works, and its role in behavior and disease. All audiences interested in understanding the basics of the brain may find these primers useful.

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Know Stroke

Know Stroke is a collection of educational information and sharable resources about stroke warning signs, prevention, treatment, and current research.

Find stroke information and resources for you and your loved ones

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Mind Your Risks®

Many years before you have a stroke or notice dementia, uncontrolled high blood pressure narrows your arteries, decreasing blood to your brain. If you're a Black man ages 28-45, take charge of your health today. Because nobody can lower your risk of stroke and dementia like you.

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Migraine Trainer®

Migraine Trainer is an app that allows teens to take control of their migraines, by keeping track of what brought a migraine on, and what helped them get through it.

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NINDS Brain Educational Resources

NINDS provides great educational resources and activities related to brain health and function for parents, students, and teachers.

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