UE5 Research Education Programs for Residents & Fellows

The purpose of the NINDS Research Education Program for Residents and Fellows in Neurological Disorders and Stroke is to support the development and/or implementation of programs that relate to research education and training of clinical residents and fellows to foster careers as physician-scientists.

Program Announcement
NINDS UE5 Research Education Grant - Clinical Trials Not Allowed - PAR-24-079

Due Dates for All Applications
April 15, 2024 and January 28, 2026

Due Dates for requests for support for individual participants
October 15, 2024

List of Funded Awards
NINDS Research Education Grant Program Awardees

PD/PI Eligibility
Established investigators

Institution Eligibility
U.S. domestic institutions

Additional Information

UE5 Template Table (Excel, 27 kb)

Previous RFA/PARs:

2020- NIH Program Announcement: PAR-20-311
2013 - NIH Program AnnouncementPAR-13-384
2011 - NIH Program AnnouncementRFA-NS-12-003
2009 - NIH Program AnnouncementRFA-NS-10-002
2008 - NIH Program AnnouncementRFA-NS-09-001



Stephen Korn, Ph.D. | Director, Office of Training & Workforce Development 



UE5 Template Table (Excel, 27 kb)