Team or Multi-Component

It can sometimes be challenging to know when your project may best fit within a team or multi-component mechanism, as many R01s for example can be led by teams with multiple principal investigators. Read on to learn more and how to differentiate between common team or multi-component mechanisms and determine which may be best to support your work.

Commonly Used Team or Multi-Component Mechanisms

Review the tables below to identify a mechanism that best fits your project scope and goals. Then use the NINDS Find Funding Opportunities page and filter by "Grant Mechanism" to find active funding opportunities for that mechanism that NINDS participates in. 

P01 Also known as program project grants (PPG), this is often an appropriate mechanism when parallel, interrelated efforts are pursued via projects with their own aims or functions (such as several distinct but interrelated projects working with research cores). Use the NINDS Guide and filter for P01 under "Grant Mechanism" to find active funding opportunities.
RM1 Appropriate for an integrated and interdisciplinary team working towards one single set of aims. Visit  the NINDS RM1 page for more information.
R01 Can be appropriate for small teams. Review the table below and contact a NINDS Program Officer if you have further questions.
P50, U54, U19, U24 These and similar mechanisms are also used for specific, NINDS-solicited funding opportunities such as for Centers or Consortia. See a specific notice of funding opportunity for more information and details.  


Comparing Team and Multi-component Mechanisms

Use the table below to compare and contrast the various team and multi-component mechanisms available to determine which mechanism best aligns with your proposal.


Parent R01 




Efforts from single lab to small teams  

Synergy, collaboration, team science efforts

(Parallel/interrelated efforts) 

Synergy, collaboration, team science efforts (integrated and interdisciplinary) 


1 set of aims;

12-page research strategy 

Interrelated projects

Multi-component (minimum of 3 research components- projects + cores) 

1 set of aims + 15-page Research Strategy + 4 "Other Attachments"

  • Team Management Plan (3-page max),
  • Timeline
  • Benchmarks for Success (2-page max)
  • Plan for Enhancing Diverse Perspectives (1-page max, PEDP) 


Review 1 project;


Review each component + overall 


Review 1 project + Other Attachments (3)



Depends on the project 

PPG director- established leader, driver of the project 

Emphasis on multi-PI collaboration and shared leadership across 3-6 MPIs 

Team science-specific features 

MPI specific language 

Coordination by an administrative core; diversity as a scorable criteria 

Coordination described in the team management plan

Diversity as a scorable criteria

Can allot resources for a program manager/coordinator and for intra-team data management; specific review criteria 

Due dates 

Standard dates 

3x per year (~May, June, January) 


Once per year: Oct 7,2022; Oct 11, 2023; Oct 8, 2024 (May Council) 


Want to contact NINDS staff?
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