NINDS Research Program Award (R35)

The goal of the R35 (R35; RPA; RFA-NS-22-038) is to help investigators make meaningful contributions to neuroscience by providing greater funding stability, flexibility, and support for your overall research project. What is the R35? The R35 RPA is a funding mechanism that supports your research efforts by:

  • Providing stable funding of up to $750,000 per year (direct cost funding) for up to eight years;
  • Allowing you to focus on your work rather than spending valuable time continuously applying for funding;
  • Allowing you to conduct long-term, rewarding research that is not tied to specific aims; and
  • Providing flexibility to pivot as needed to emerging and timely topics.
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      Alisa Schaefer, Ph.D. | Program Officer, Division of Extramural Activities