Stephen Korn, Ph.D.

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Senior Advisor
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Office of Training & Workforce Development
Division of Extramural Activities
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Dr. Korn came to NINDS as Director of the Office of Training, Career Development and Workforce Diversity (now the Office of Training & Workforce Development) in January, 2006. He received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, and received postdoctoral training at NIH (as a PRAT Fellow of NIGMS) and at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology (with financial support from NRSA postdoctoral fellowships). He then spent 15 years on the faculty of the University of Connecticut at Storrs, where he was a Full Professor. His area of scientific specialty is the molecular basis of ion channel gating and permeation, but he has also conducted electrophysiological and imaging research on calcium and pH transport/buffering, and synaptic transmission in the hippocampal slice.