Find Your Program Director

Find Your Program Director

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    What is a Health Program Specialist?
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    What is a program director?
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    When do I contact a Program Director?
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    Tips for first-time clinical research applicants?

The Role of an NINDS Program Director

Program Directors (sometimes called Program Officers) are the main NIH point of contact for NINDS applicants/grantees.  NINDS Program Directors are scientists who administer NINDS’s scientific programs, oversee grant portfolios, contribute to research priority setting, and assist grant applicants interested in applying for research opportunities.

1. Before you submit a grant application, a Program Director can help:

  • Assess the alignment of your research aims with NINDS’s mission and strategic objectives.
  • Discuss eligibility criteria and the most appropriate grant type (funding mechanism) for the research you plan to propose.
  • Provide additional advice on preparing an application and/or recommend if you should apply in response to a specific funding opportunity announcement (FOA) or Notice of Special Interest (NOSI). 

View some of the available NIH application writing resources and information on the basics of planning your application.

View active requests for applications (RFAs) and program announcements (PAs) using the NINDS Funding Opportunities Search Tool.

Refer and/or introduce you to program staff that lead relevant funding opportunities or NOSIs.

Inform about relevant initiatives in another Institute/center. 

Inform about requesting assignment to an Institute/center or study section.

Clarify NIH and NINDS requirements regarding human subjects, vertebrate animals, rigor and transparency, data sharing in research, and other policies.

2. After you have submitted a grant application and received your summary statement, you may want to contact a Program Director to:

  • Find out the latest funding status for your application and if the funding decision on your application is deferred until later in the fiscal year.
  • Obtain advice regarding your pending application's priority score.
  • Discuss the reviewer critiques contained in your summary statement and, if your application is eligible, discuss the possibility of resubmission or next steps for your research proposal.

3. After you have received a Notice of Grant Award, you must contact a Program Director to:

  • Discuss issues that may affect progress toward research aims and obtain approval for significant changes in research aims or scope of research.
  • Obtain approval for changes in key personnel or significant changes in key personnel level of effort or pending change in Institution.
  • Discuss changes to study design of clinical trials.

It is also important for you to inform your Program Director about upcoming publications and share information about other products of your research, including datasets, patents, etc.

How to Find an NINDS Program Director

To locate an NINDS Program Director:

  • Go to the Program Directors’ web page, where you can find the Program Director that is assigned to your research field.
  • Search the portfolios of NINDS Program Directors with your research keywords.
  • Use a decision-tree by answering a few questions,
  • Find program officers across NIH, using NIH’s Matchmaker tool. Add text such as an abstract or specific aims page, then choose the Similar Program Officials button. 
  • If you already have a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) in mind, contact the Scientific/Research Contact listed in Section VII of the FOA.
  • After you apply, find your assigned Program Director in the eRA Commons.
  • After award, contact the Program Director listed on your Notice of Grant Award. 

Find a Program Director

Use one of these tools to find a program director:

graphic of a flow chart

Decision/Flow Chart Tool

By using a decision-tree and answering a few questions


graphic of web page with search box

Enter Research Keywords 

By matching your research keywords within NINDS Program Director portfolios

graphic of animated magnifying glass moving over a document

NIH Matchmaker Tool 

By matching your research keywords across NIH

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