NINDS Interdisciplinary Team Science Grant (RM1 Clinical Trial Optional)



The new NINDS Interdisciplinary Team Science RM1 funding opportunity announcement (FOA) (RFA-NS-22-036) encourages interdisciplinary teams of experts that seek to cross technical and conceptual boundaries through collaboration to achieve ambitious goals for basic, translational, and clinical research questions within the mission of NINDS. We invite teams to challenge existing paradigms, overcome long-standing roadblocks to progress, and/or develop new synergies across different scientific fields.

If proposing a clinical trial, only mechanistic trials or Basic Experimental Studies with Humans (BESH) clinical trials will be supported. 

Application due dates: October 7th 2022, October 11th 2023, and October 8th 2024

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Key Features

  • Integrated team effort from 3-6 PD/PIs who will each bring a distinct scientific viewpoint or expertise necessary to pursue the interdisciplinary approach
  • Cohesive, well-defined, and sufficiently focused single research goal that is expected to yield meaningful and significant outcomes within 5 years

Application Specifics (Section IV of RFA)

  • Single set of specific aims organized to address the overall objective rather than by individual PD/PI contributions. For a truly integrated collaborative project, most or all of the scientific aims will require substantial contributions from more than one PD/PI.
  • A research strategy (15-page max) fully describes the overall goal of the research program, its significance within the relevant scientific field(s), the rigor and status of prior research, current obstacles and challenges, and how a team science approach and outcomes will be transformative and/or enable major advances.
  • Single integrated budget that is not limited but must cover all costs and reflect the actual needs of the proposed project.
  • The success of team science hinges on well-managed team interactions, clear timelines and benchmarks for success, and evidence of commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Therefore, these three “Other Attachments” are required:
    • Team Management Plan (3-page max): This attachment should describe the organizational structure, team composition, shared leadership and contributions, resource sharing and allocation, credit assignment, coordination and communication plans, and intra-team data sharing. A helpful reference is the NCI’s Field Guide to Collaboration and Team Science. Whereas, the “Multiple PD/PI Leadership Plan” focuses on leadership and interactions across the PD/PIs, the “Team Management Plan” focuses on management of the whole team/key personnel.
    • Timeline and Benchmarks for Success (2-pages max): This attachment should include a project timeline in the form of a Gantt chart/table (or similar) that includes all major tasks to be performed during the project as well as critical benchmarks for success. This chart will aid reviewers in assessing the feasibility and likelihood that the work plan is adequate for achieving project objectives within the funding period. It will also aid in assessing the degree of integration and collaboration, and the availability of appropriate intellectual and technical expertise for each aim.
    • Plan for Enhancing Diverse Perspectives (PEDP, 1-page max): This attachment should include a summary of strategies to advance the scientific and technical merit of the proposed project through expanded inclusivity, a timeline, and milestones for relevant components. Please see the PEDP page for more information. 

Next Steps

Register for our upcoming webinar (Wednesday June 29, 2022 12-1PM EDT)

Potential applicants should contact NINDS program staff or email about mission relevance, research aims, and anticipated budget very early in the planning stage and a minimum of 8 weeks before submission of an application is anticipated. Staff will not evaluate the technical and scientific merit of the proposed project; technical and scientific merit will be determined during peer review using the review criteria indicated in this FOA. During the consultation phase, if the proposed project does not meet the programmatic needs of this FOA, applicants will be strongly encouraged to consider other funding opportunities. For requests of $500,000 or more for direct costs in any year, please follow the Policy on the Acceptance for Review of Unsolicited Applications that Request $500,000 or More in Direct Costs as described in the SF424 (R&R) Application Guide.


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