T32 NINDS Institutional Research Training Grant

An award to enable institutions to recruit individuals selected by the program leadership for advanced research training of predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows in an area of neuroscience.

Program Announcements
NINDS T32 - Institutional Research Training Grant - PAR-21-149

Due Dates for New Applications
May 25, 2021; May 25, 2022; May 25, 2023 

List of Funded Awards
Funded NINDS Institutional National Research Service Award (T32) Programs

PD/PI Eligibility
Established investigators

Appointee Eligibility
U.S. citizens or permanent residents; research doctoral program; clinical doctoral program; research postdoctoral program; clinical postdoctoral program

Institution Eligibility
U.S. domestic institutions

Additional Information
This training program will support advanced predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows. All applications to this program should have a central focus or a theme. The theme may be as broad or as narrow as deemed appropriate by the applicant institution, but should be more focused than, for example, "training in neuroscience." Funds should be used to support novel and/or expanded training experiences and activities, rather than to simply support trainees to conduct research. As in the past, a portion of NINDS training grants may be reserved for clinical research training projects or projects focused on a particular disorder or group of disorders.

Awards will typically be made for a maximum of 4 trainee slots per year, although an exception may be made in rare circumstances for up to 8 slots. Those interested in applying for more than 4 slots of support per year are advised to contact Stephen Korn, Ph.D., Director of Training and Workforce Development, at korns@ninds.nih.gov. Applicants may request support for advanced (dissertation stage) predoctoral Ph.D. and M.D. students, postdoctoral fellows, or a mix of both. (NINDS does not support 1st or 2nd year graduate students under this PAR). Applications must specify the anticipated predoctoral to postdoctoral ratio.

After a training grant has been awarded, T32 directors who wish to make changes in this ratio must obtain prior approval of Stephen Korn, Ph.D., Director of Training and Workforce Development, at korns@ninds.nih.gov. If the original application requested support exclusively for either pre-doctoral or postdoctoral trainees, the general policy will be to not allow trainees in another category to receive support (as such support has not been through the peer review process). However, exceptions are possible and will require that additional information be provided for administrative review and prior approval.

Applicants for the NINDS Institutional Research Training Grant program should submit a letter of intent no later than 30 days prior to the application deadline to Stephen Korn, Ph.D., Director of Training and Workforce Development, at korns@ninds.nih.gov

T32 Data Tables: Newly revised research training data tables for use with FY 2016 institutional training grant applications are now available. Table formats, instructions, and a completed set of tables with sample data may be found on the NIH website. For electronic application submission using the SF424 (R&R) form set, the data tables are to be saved as a single file. The List of Data Tables submitted with your application should be the first page of the data tables attachment and will serve as a table of contents for that attachment.

Relevant Policy Notices
NOT-OD-15-091 Publication Reporting Instructions for Progress Reports 



Stephen Korn, Ph.D. | Director, Office of Training & Workforce Development 



NRSA FY 2021 Stipend Levels

Role of NINDS T32 Programs in Training a Diverse Workforce(pdf, 271 KB)

Understanding NINDS Institutional Training Grant (T32) Application and Review(pdf, 71 KB)

Training Outcomes Data

How to Apply

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