K12 Child Neurologist Career Development Program (CNCDP)

Support for mentored career development and training of child neurologists appointed by an institution for development of independent research skills and experience in a fundamental science within the framework of an interdisciplinary research and development program.

Program Announcement

Due Dates for New Applications
September 10, 2019

Additional Information

The CNCDP will support a national effort for mentored career development and training of child neurologists at institutions nationwide that support research relevant to the mission of NINDS. The goal of this program is to increase the cadre of child neurologists trained to conduct outstanding research into neurological disorders of children, taking advantage of their clinical training and expertise. This research career development program should promote high quality, novel, creative research and innovative investigation by this cohort of individuals who possess unique clinical knowledge and experience. As a result of training and career development activities in this program, highly skilled individuals should be prepared to develop a successful, individual, well-funded research program, which they will combine with their clinical career to advance the understanding and treatment of neurological disorders of children and neonates.

The CNCDP replaced the Neurological Sciences Academic Development Award (NSADA) (K12), which facilitated and supported career development experiences for pediatric neurologists leading to research independence. The NSADA was initiated by NINDS in October 1992. 

Letters of Intent are due 30 days prior to the application due date.



Stephen Korn, Ph.D. | Director, Office of Training & Workforce Development 



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