FY21 Funding Outcomes Data

Each fiscal year (FY), NINDS establishes a payline for all percentiled RPGs (e.g. R01, R03, R15, and R21) and funds all applications that score within that payline with very rare exception.* In FY21 the payline was set at the 14th percentile.

When resources are available, NINDS supports a limited number of applications with scores outside the payline. These include bridge awards (R56) to cover an existing productive lab during a brief period of funding uncertainty, and awards to assist in the transition to independence for investigators in the early parts of their careers. In accordance with NIH policy, NINDS aims to support R01s from early-career scientists at success rates equivalent to those of established investigators submitting new R01 applications. Early Stage Investigators (ESIs) are defined as investigators within 10 years of completing their research training who have not had previous R01-level funding from NIH.

*Applications within the payline may not be funded for a variety of reasons including but not limited to: overlap with a funded grant, transfer to another NIH IC, or the NINDS SCR policy.

R01s: 2021 Competing Applications and Awards to 40th Percentile 

Use the interactive graph below to see competing R01 applications (including those converted to RF1s, R37s and R56s) by award status, investigator experience, and type of funding. Mouse over visualizations for more details.


Did You Know

Nearly all Early Stage Investigator's applications are funded to the 25th percentile.