Oswald Steward, Ph.D.

Landis Award for Outstanding Mentorship
photo of Oswald Steward
University of California, Irvine, CA

Dr. Steward's lab studies the molecular mechanisms of nerve cell regeneration in the injured spinal cord. His approach combines interventions to modify gene expression with the use of stem cell transplants to restore connections that were damaged by injury. Dr. Steward's diverse trainees have had a wide range of career paths and outcomes, both academic and non-academic. All spoke highly of his true commitment to the conduct of rigorous science, welcoming a diversity of perspectives, and providing an individualized training experience for everyone who enters his lab. He was widely recognized as a mentor who has always been an advocate of women and underrepresented minorities and as a mentor who treats everybody as equally important and deserving of support he can provide towards attainment of their career goals.