Jonah Chan, Ph.D.

Landis Award for Outstanding Mentorship
Photo of Jonah Chan FY 2019 Landis Award Winner
University of California, San Francisco , CA

The focus of Dr. Chan’s research is to understand the fundamental molecular mechanisms involved in the development and differentiation of the myelin-forming cells of the central and peripheral nervous systems. His laboratory attempts to identify novel target molecules and pathways in the development of potential therapeutics for demyelinating diseases and after nerve injury. Trainees praised Dr. Chan’s accessibility, dedication, and cultivation of a family-like atmosphere in the laboratory, as well as his fierce dedication, generosity, and advocacy of trainees. Also particularly notable was the practice by Dr. Chan of only writing future grants on graduate student projects. His expectation is that postdocs will take their work with them to their future position, and, by policy, considers their work to be entirely “owned” by them.