Emily Plowman, Ph.D.

Landis Award for Outstanding Mentorship
Photo of Emily Plowman, Ph.D., 2021 NINDS Landis Awardee for Outstanding Mentorship
University of Florida, Gainsville, FL

Trainees describe their feeling of empowerment in Dr. Plowman’s lab and universally and passionately commented on her thoughtful and individualized mentoring approach. Her mentoring extends well beyond her immediate lab, as she helps to nurture trainees in nearby labs and across the country within her field. Trainees commented on how Dr. Plowman’s mentorship continues long after they leave the lab, and how she offers her time to anybody who asks, even when there is no possible benefit to herself. Trainees also expressed an appreciation of her commitment to diversity and inclusion and her active development of a culture of respect for all individuals. As a clinician-scientist, Dr. Plowman directs a laboratory whose mission is to improve the detection and clinical management of upper aerodigestive tract disorders associated with speech, swallowing and breathing function through patient-centric research. The team aims to accomplish this goal through the provision of patient-centric clinical care, education and innovative evidence-based research in both translational animal models and human clinical trials.