Diane Lipscombe, Ph.D.

Landis Award for Outstanding Mentorship
Photo of Dr. Diane Lipscombe
Brown University, Providence, RI

Dr. Lipscombe’s mentorship is grounded in principles of consistent communication, awareness of who the trainee is and where they’ve come from and building trust. Lab meetings can then be successfully used as a comprehensive approach to scientific training, allowing lab-wide discussions of rigor, ethics, and ideas. In this way, not only do trainees learn from her, but learn from each other and themselves to drive improvement in lab practices. Trainees speak of Dr. Lipscombe’s mentorship leading to the existence of a broad, international community that includes trainees who’ve been through the lab with trainees and faculty from many institutions world-wide. Trainees expressed pride in not only the standards of rigor and ethics demanded in the lab, but in the fact that the lessons imparted to them from adhering to these standards have stayed with them through their careers. Similarly, Dr. Lipscombe’s active mentorship and practices as they relate to diversity and inclusion fostered action by many others. This dedication to support all scientists, both from her lab and unaffiliated with her lab, was in evidence not only by the wide diversity of her trainees over the years that have gone on to careers in different sectors and countries, but by her donation of supplies, equipment, and expertise to under-resourced labs in other countries. Dr. Lipscombe studies the expression, regulation, and function of voltage-gated calcium ion channels in different regions of the nervous system and is also interested in their role in chronic pain and psychiatric disorders.