David Ginty, Ph.D.

Landis Award for Outstanding Mentorship
Photo of Dr. David Ginty
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Dr. Ginty has a very long track record of training and producing successful scientists. A selfless mentor, he provides an abundance of individualized attention, focusing on what is best for each trainee’s career path. Trainees appreciated his attention to supporting women as scientists simultaneously with their personal needs as caregivers, and more generally, as an advocate for all trainees. As with many Landis Awardees, Dr. Ginty is also accessible to help and, when needed, rescue trainees in the face of obstacles faced by unavoidable circumstances. Trainees appreciated that Dr. Ginty seeks mentor training opportunities to complement his personal approach to mentorship, acknowledging that there is always more that he can learn to continue to improve his mentoring. Dr. Ginty’s research program uses mouse molecular genetics, circuit mapping, and electrophysiological analyses to gain understanding of the development, organization, and function of neural circuits that underlie the sense of touch.