Bruce Bean, Ph.D.

Landis Award for Outstanding Mentorship
photo of Bruce Bean
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

The focus of Dr. Bean's research is to understand electrical signaling in the brain through the molecular mechanisms of ion channels. His laboratory generates electrical recordings from individual neurons using patch clamp techniques to investigate how different combinations of ion channels work together to generate the distinct patterns of action potential firing in different neurons. From those who trained with Dr. Bean early in his career to the present, he was consistently praised for his tailored approach to mentoring and his personal investment in their career. Moreover, trainees uniformly commented on his kindness, generosity, and enthusiasm, coupled with the most rigorous scientific training and accurate reporting of results, all geared toward the personal success of each individual trainee, regardless of their ultimate goals. A common comment by former trainees who now confront situations as leaders themselves, was that they’d ask themselves, “what would Bruce have done?”