Brian Litt, M.D.

Landis Award for Outstanding Mentorship
photo of Brian Litt
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Litt has created a collaborative, nurturing, and stimulating environment that creates careers for people. His mentorship starts before trainees enter his lab, in a selection process that maximizes the likelihood of fit in his lab and helps trainees identify potential other, better laboratory environments for their personal needs. Moreover, Dr. Litt selects trainees not merely on ability but on characteristics like grit, thoughtfulness, real-world experience and a desire to not only add knowledge but to better the world. Dr. Litt is widely considered to be a true champion for his mentees, providing both professional and personal advice well into their own independence, as well as advocating for them at meetings and in their own future endeavors. Dr. Litt has long promoted diversity and inclusivity, both in his lab and the profession; many of his mentees have been from groups underrepresented in science. Trainees from a broad spectrum of disciplines universally commented in his efforts to move mountains for them, to challenge boundaries between science and technology, and to excel by example. Dr. Litt leads a multidisciplinary team whose research efforts primarily focus on epilepsy but also span a variety of clinical and scientific interests including functional neurosurgery, network and computational neuroscience, movement disorders, intra-operative and ICU monitoring, and other brain network disorders. This collaborative research merges engineering with clinical and systems neuroscience, and seeks to translate this work into clinical care through innovation, invention and entrepreneurship.