Anne Schaefer, M.D.,Ph.D.

Landis Award for Outstanding Mentorship
Photo of Dr. Anne Schaefer
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, , NY

Dr. Schaefer’s research centers on how brain cells are affected by epigenetic changes, in which molecules alter the way genes function without changing the DNA code. Many neurological disorders can be traced back to epigenetic mechanisms. Dr. Schaefer’s mentees described her as irresistibly enthusiastic, with an infectious passion, and enumerate many instances when she provided inspiration sitting at the bench with trainees during data collection and analysis. Trainees recount being pushed to their limits, with demands for rigor, careful attention to scientific process and attention to scientific importance, yet with compassion, patience, and support. Dr. Schaefer was described as deeply caring about everybody in her lab, no matter their position or ability level, with many examples about the ways in which she had a lasting impact on their careers.