Sarah Bick, M.D.

K12 Neurosurgery Awardee
photo of Sarah Bick
Vanderbilt University-, Nashville, TN

Dr. Sarah Bick is an assistant professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery at Vanderbilt University. Her clinical interests include epilepsy, deep brain stimulation, movement disorders, essential tremor, psychiatric neurosurgery, and trigeminal neuralgia. Utilizing intracranial recordings from human subjects, Dr. Bick’s research aims to uncover the neurophysiological signaling that underlies cognitive and emotional processing, including memory. By improving our understanding of the neurophysiological signaling in these processes, her work supports the development of new neuromodulation techniques that may be used as a treatment for memory and psychiatric disorders. Her recent research has examined the effects of caudate stimulation on learning and the efficacy of microvascular decompression as a treatment for trigeminal neuralgia and has compared the effectiveness of different types of neurostimulation for patients with temporal lobe epilepsy.

Dr. Bick received her Bachelor of Arts in neurobiology from Harvard University and her MD from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. She then completed her internship at the Cleveland Clinic and conducted her residency in neurosurgery and fellowship in functional neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital.