Patrick Bellgowan, Ph.D.

Job Title
Deputy Associate Director
Photo of Patrick Bellgowan
Immediate Office of the Director (DoN)
Division of Neuroscience
Areas of Interest

Basic, translational and clinical studies of traumatic brain injury (TBI), Cognitive/emotional domains affected by TBI

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Dr. Bellgowan received his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in behavioral neuroscience and did postdoctoral training in functional neuroimaging at the Medical College of Wisconsin and later in the Intramural program at NIH. Before coming to the extramural program at NINDS he was the Director of Cognitive Neuroscience and Associate Professor at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research and University of Tulsa, where he studied the neuropsychiatric sequelae of concussion in collegiate athletes. Dr. Frost-Bellgowan has been at NINDS since 2014, serving as a Program Director in the Repair and Plasticity (R&P) Cluster in DON and managing oversight of the NINDS grants and cooperative agreements for the traumatic brain injury portfolio. In this role, he has provided oversight of a broad research portfolio spanning basic, translational and clinical research; worked across ICs and federal agencies in association with the NIH BRAIN Initiative, Human Connectome project, and National Research Action Plan; and served as co-director of the Federal Interagency TBI Research informatics platform.

Focus on Traumatic Brain Injury Research