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Interested in the big picture? NINDS seeks bold, visionary scientists and physicians with a broad knowledge of neuroscience. As a part of our team, you will conceive and develop large-scale funding initiatives, organize workshops, and interact with leading neuroscientists throughout the world. Successful candidates will join a highly interactive group of scientists and clinicians applying their basic, translational, and clinical experience and expertise in all areas of neuroscience.

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The NIH BRAIN Initiative®

Do you have a vision for the future of neuroscience research and the role of new technologies in determining how neural circuits function? Would you like to play a leadership role in a program that engages the world’s top scientists to open entirely new pathways to discovery? Would you be excited by the opportunity to contribute to amazing technological advances and innovation? The BRAIN Initiative® is an ambitious scientific program to develop the needed tools and understand how brain circuit activity enables thought and behavior.

Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEAL) Initiative

The Helping to End Addiction Long-termSM Initiative, or NIH HEAL InitiativeSM, is an aggressive, trans-agency effort to speed scientific solutions to stem the national opioid public health crisis.  Research from the Helping to End Addiction Long-termSM Initiative, or NIH HEAL InitiativeSM, includes over 20 distinct programs. These programs are led by 12 NIH Institutes and Centers (ICs). The ambitious and crosscutting nature of the NIH HEAL Initiative requires ongoing input and engagement from experts across disciplines and sectors. Learn more about NINDS' role and our current openings in the HEAL Initiative.

Administrative, Executive and Scientific Careers

Health Program Specialists

Health Program Specialists in NINDS support plans, coordinates, and screens proposed research projects relevant to subject matter areas. Assists with the design and detailed analysis of scientific and/or administrative factors affecting research program priorities, and performance, and grants program evaluation. Provides guidance to grantees on research objectives, requirements, and compliance.

Program Directors

Program Directors in NINDS are responsible for providing scientific and technical leadership and direction to the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of assigned engineering and technology development for biomedical research in the Division of Extramural Activities, Division of Neuroscience, Division of Translational Research and Division of Clinical Research. They are responsible for formulating, planning, directing, and evaluating NIH-wide program objectives, policies, and activities for a portfolio of national recognized research projects, research programs and other grants/awards, cooperative agreements, and/or contracts.

Position Division/Office/Branch Contact Name
Deputy Director Office of the Director William Hennings
Program Director, Neural Engineering Division of Neuroscience Linda Bambrick, Ph.D.
Program Director, Epilepsy Division of Neuroscience Ben Churn, Ph.D.
Health Program Specialist, OPEN Division of Extramural Activities Michelle Jones-London, Ph.D.
Program Director, Global Health Division of Clinical Research Stacey Chambers, M.S.
Program Director, Neurodevelopment Division of Neuroscience Robert Riddle, Ph.D.
Chief, Scientific Review Branch Division of Extramural Activities Dave Owens, Ph.D.
Health Program Specialist, Pediatric Neuroscience Division of Clinical Research Janna Belser-Ehrlich, Ph.D.
Director, Neurology Consultation Service Division of Intramural Research Katy Finnell
Health Scientist Administrator (Program Director), Neuroethics TBD Dr. Amy Bany Adams
Data Science Program Manager Division of Neuroscience Ling Wong, Ph.D.
Staff Clinician, Neuroimmunology Clinic NINDS Neuroimmunology Clinic Dr. Lauren Reoma
Scientific Project Manager, Blueprint Neurotherapeutics Network (BPN) Blueprint Neurotherapeutics Network (BPN) Chuck Cywin, Ph.D.
Neurosurgery Research Fellowships Surgical Neurology Branch John D. Heiss, M.D.
Scientific Director Division of Intramural Research Joanne Pomponio
Director, Biologics Neurotherapeutic Development Division of Translational Research Chuck Cywin, Ph.D.
Program Director, Vascular Contributions to Cognitive Impairment and Dementia (VCID) Division of Neuroscience Roderick Corriveau, Ph.D.
Program Director, Parkinson’s Disease Division of Neuroscience Beth-Anne Sieber, Ph.D.
Program Director, Neural Environment Cluster Division of Neuroscience Francesca Bosetti, Ph.D.
Health Program Specialist, Neuroscience Division of Neuroscience Ling Wong, Ph.D.
Staff Clinician, Section of Infections of the Nervous System Division of Intramural Research Avi Nath, M.D.
Scientific Project Manager, BPN-Biologics Blueprint Neurotherapeutics Network (BPN) Chris Boshoff, Ph.D.