Office of Management

photo of Maryann Sofranko
Maryann Sofranko, M.B.A.
Executive Officer of the Office of Management
The NINDS Office of Management (OM) provides administrative leadership and expertise to advance the NINDS mission of reducing neurological disease. 
OM support services to the Institute fall into various areas, including financial planning, analysis and management, administrative services, personnel management, information resources management, contracts management, and management analysis. Additionally, the NINDS Office of Management oversees the Ethics Office.


The Office of Management directs and coordinates the activities of the following NINDS entities and their staff.

Administrative Services Branch (ASB)
Provides guidance, policy and program development, evaluation and analysis, and overall operational and administrative coordination for the Institute and is located within the OD Office of Management (OM). The ASB is responsible for coordinating the OD administrative or management problems, advising the program staff of policies and procedures, and providing the full range of administrative support services. Meet the Administrative Services Branch team

Ethics Branch
Monitors and advises on NINDS financial interests, activities, and professional events to ensure public trust and confidence, and manage potential conflicts to allow external collaborations to further neurological research. Meet the Ethics Branch team

Financial Management Branch (FMB)
Manages the financial aspects of NINDS and provides budgetary guidance to NINDS leadership and staff in support of the strategic decision-making process. FMB operationalizes and oversees the fiscal management and execution of NINDS priorities using all available mechanisms of support, including grants, contracts, intramural research, and research management and support activities. FMB collaborates with science policy staff, program staff, and NINDS leadership to coordinate the formulation of the Congressional Budget Justification to Congress and the statement of the NINDS Funding Strategy. FMB also operationalizes and oversees the fiscal management and execution of the BRAIN Initiative and the NIH Neuroscience Blueprint–two multi-IC programs established to enhance neuroscience research beyond that of anyone IC. FMB is the point of contact for information on donations to NINDS through the Gift Fund. Meet the Financial Management Branch team.

Analytics, Planning, and Technology Section
Provides a centralized resource of analysts who investigate and resolve broad administrative issues for the Institute via planning and technological methods. Meet the Analytics, Planning, and Technology Section team.

Workforce Engagement and Development Section (WEDS)
Provides NINDS with tools and training to create a strong, capable, and confident workforce. Meet the WEDS team.

Information Resources Management Branch (IRMB)
Facilitates and improves the business processes of NINDS by providing expertise in information technology management. IRMB provides reliable, state-of-the-art information technologies while delivering effective customer support that enhances user productivity, maintains the highest data integrity, and supports the overall mission of NINDS and NIH. Meet the IRMB team.

Technology Transfer Branch (TTB)
Leads, oversees and has responsibility for all NINDS technology transfer activities and practices, and develops, applies, implements, balances and revises strategic initiatives to advance Technology Transfer objectives, including advancing development, utilization and impact of technologies. Meet the TTB team.