Katie Reichard, Ph.D.

Job Title
AAAS STP Fellow, Health Scientist
Katie Reichard
Office of Global Health and Health Disparities
Division of Clinical Research
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Dr. Katie Reichard is a neuroscientist and educator with a background in community organizing and engagement. Katie received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Washington where she studied the influence of stress on reward and motivation, with a focus on opioid signaling in dopamine neurons. Outside of the research lab, Katie organized her peers to advocate for equitable & inclusive policy-changes at her university and engaged in city politics to expand access to affordable housing, drug & mental health treatment, and transportation choices. As an AAAS S&T Policy Fellow in the NINDS Office of Global Health and Health Disparities, Katie hopes to merge her experience in science communication and project management with her passion for public service. Katie is also an avid runner and fan of track & field.