R25 - Summer Research Experience for High School & Undergraduate Students


R25 - Summer Research Experience for High School & Undergraduate Students

To provide high quality research experience for students or high school teachers during the summer academic break.

Program Announcement

Due Dates for New Applications
April 23, 2019; March 17, 2020; March 17, 2021

List of Funded Awards
Funded Programs from NIH RePORTER

PD/PI Eligibility
Established investigators

Appointee Eligibility
High school/undergraduate; high school science teachers; U.S. citizens or permanent residents

Institution Eligibility
U.S. domestic institutions

Additional Information
The NIH Summer Research Experience Program is an award to provide high quality research experiences for high school and/or college students or high school science teachers for 8-15 weeks during the summer academic break. Programs that specifically provide opportunities for members of diverse groups and students who might not otherwise have access to outstanding laboratory experiences may be given priority.

ICs will not support projects, regardless of the results of merit review, if they do not fulfill current programmatic priorities. Therefore, we strongly recommend that potential applicants consult Scientific/Research Staff at the intended IC before preparing an application. 

NINDS will support applications focusing on summer research experiences that address or seek fundamental knowledge about the brain and nervous system by supporting and conducting research on the healthy and diseased brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves and to use that knowledge to reduce the burden of neurological disease. NINDS will support a maximum of two awards per institution (identified by a unique DUNS number): one focused on students and one focused on science teachers.

NOT-NS-20-050 - Notice of Change to the Award Project Period for PAR-19-197 "Summer Research Education Experience Program (R25 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)"

Table of IC-Specific Information and Points of Contact