R25 - Research Education Programs for Residents & Fellows


R25 - Research Education Programs for Residents & Fellows


The purpose of the NINDS Research Education Program for Residents and Fellows in Neurological Disorders and Stroke is to support the development and/or implementation of programs that relate to research education and training of clinical residents and fellows to foster careers as physician-scientists.

Program Announcement

NINDS R25 Research Education Grant - Clinical Trials not Allowed - PAR-20-311

Due Dates for New Applications

January 25, 2021 and January 25, 2023.

Program Announcement

Administrative Supplement Announcement - NOT-NS-20-038

Due Dates for New Applications

October 15, 2019

List of Funded Awards

NINDS Research Education Grant (R25) Program Awardees

PD/PI Eligibility

Established investigators

Institution Eligibility

U.S. domestic institutions

Additional Information

R25 Template Table (Excel, 27 kb)

Previous RFA/PARs:

2013 - NIH Program AnnouncementPAR-13-384

2011 - NIH Program AnnouncementRFA-NS-12-003

2009 - NIH Program AnnouncementRFA-NS-10-002

2008 - NIH Program AnnouncementRFA-NS-09-001


Stephen Korn, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Training & Workforce Development 

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