Susan "Sue" Ano, Ph.D.

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Technology Transfer
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Sue has been an active member of the NIH technology transfer community since 2002, where she has facilitated the advancement of scientific endeavors through collaborations, patenting, licensing, and other means. She is proud to lead a team of professionals dedicated to the advancement of science using tech transfer mechanisms, focusing on best-fit solutions to achieve positive outcomes. Prior to her current position, Sue was a technology licensing specialist and branch chief, giving her an extensive range of tech transfer experiences from multiple vantage points within the NIH infrastructure and resulting in several NIH awards for her achievements. With a Ph.D. from the Department of Chemistry at Emory University and B.S. in chemistry from the University of Delaware, Sue has a firm foundation established on which to broaden her scientific knowledge to include neurological disorders and infectious diseases in addition to a sound framework for application of other relevant aspects, including legal, business, and policy. Sue is passionate about facilitating partnerships and other activities to ensure that NINDS and NIH can accomplish our mission to apply scientific knowledge to enhance health and reduce illness and disability.