Russell Blaisdell, B.A.

Job Title
Grants Management Specialist
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Office of Research Operations and Analysis
Division of Extramural Activities
Grants Management
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Russell Blaisdell has been a Grants Management Specialist at NINDS since July of 2018.  He briefly worked as an Extramural Support Agent at the National Institute on Aging (NIA) before becoming a Grants Management Specialist in 2014.  Russ graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2013 with a bachelor’s in Political Science and served in the Army from 2005 – 2009.  He deployed for 15 months to Qatar as a communications specialist in a Patriot missile battery.  Russ has lived in the Maryland area since 1998 and is a huge fan of all the local sports teams.  He also loves podcasts, cooking, and the outdoors.