Nilkantha Sen, Ph.D.

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Scientific Review Officer
Nilkantha Sen
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Scientific Review Branch
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Dr. Sen Joined NINDS in early 2022 and serves as a Scientific Review Officer (SRO) at the clinical clusters focusing on the StrokeNET and EPPIC-NET programs for NINDS. Dr. Sen obtained his Ph.D. degree from India and joined the Johns Hopkins Medical School as a postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Sen was an Assistant Professor at Augusta University and an Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Sen has broad expertise in investigating cell survival and death, neuroinflammation and innate immune response, synaptic degeneration, neuropathic pain, mitochondrial dysfunction, neurogenesis, and White Matter Injury using several molecular and cellular cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Sen was awarded multiple RO1 grants from NIH as a PI and has published several peer-reviewed manuscripts in prestigious journals throughout his career.  Dr. Sen is experienced with developing potential therapeutic biotechnology products and biologics against neurological disorders and brain injury. Dr. Sen served as a study section member to review grants for NIH, DoD, and other international funding agencies.