Lindsey Scott, M.S., Ph.D.

Job Title
Data Science Program Manager
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Division of Neuroscience
Repair & Plasticity
Areas of Interest

Data-driven analysis for policy development; Network analysis, regression, analysis of variance etc.

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Prior to joining NINDS as the Data Science Program Manager, Lindsey worked in the Division of Statistical Analysis and Reporting, in the Office of the Director at NIH. She responded to ad-hoc and recurring data requests using NIH's administrative data. She created a variety of products including: data frames for inter-agency and internal NIH customers, the NIH Clinical Trials dashboard, official data and reports for public-facing sites and analyses such as a social network of NIH's investigators. Lindsey's M.S and Ph.D. are in Animal Science in the areas of analytical chemistry and animal behavior. She completed post-doctoral research in synaptic plasticity at the University of Maryland.