Li Jia, Ph.D.

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Scientific Review Officer
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Scientific Review Branch
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Neuroscience Team - BRAIN Initiative/R13/P01

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Dr. Li Jia serves as a Scientific Review Officer (SRO) at the NINDS. She received her bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Beijing University in China, and her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania studying molecular mechanisms of axon guidance during embryonic nervous system development. She then joined the NIH Intramural Research Program as a Research Fellow first at the NIDDK and then at NEI where she studied the role of retinoid-related orphan nuclear receptors in neurogenesis and mechanisms of neuronal circuit development underlying color vision in the neural retina. In 2015, Dr. Jia joined the Channels, Synapses and Neural Circuits Cluster at NINDS on detail as a Program Analyst. In 2016, she joined the NINDS Scientific Review Branch as the SRO for Special Emphasis Panels to review applications for the BRAIN Initiative Functional Circuits Program as well as R13 conference grant applications. Her research expertise includes biochemical, molecular and cell biological studies related to axon guidance, neurogenesis, circuit formation, color vision, and nervous system development.