Janet He, Ph.D.

Job Title
Program Director
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Division of Neuroscience
Cluster, Section, or Program
Systems & Cognitive Neuroscience
Areas of Interest

Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, Feeding and Body Weight, Sleep in Neurological Disorders, Neurobiology of Obesity and Sleep Disordered Breathing

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Dr. Janet (Yejun) He has been with the NINDS since 2003 and is currently a Program Director in the Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience cluster. Her portfolio includes basic and clinical research on circadian rhythms and sleep disorders, addressing such topics as regulation of the biological clock, genetic influences in sleep disorders, and energy balance, as well as sleep disturbances in neurological diseases. Dr. He received a medical degree from Shanghai Second Medical University in China, and later a Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of Colorado Medical School. Her thesis was on the structure function relationship of rod cyclic nucleotide-gated channels. Prior to joining the NINDS as a Health Program Specialist, she did post-doctoral work at Washington University in St. Louis on synaptic transmission in mammalian central nervous system.