George Umanah, Ph.D.

Job Title
Program Director
Division of Neuroscience
Cluster, Section, or Program
Channels, Synapses, and Circuits
Areas of Interest

Structure-function Relationship of Channels, Transporters and Receptors; Mitochondria, mTORopathy, Epileptic spasms and Biomarkers for Epilepsy.

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Dr. George K.E. Umanah is a Program Director with a focus on the basic and translational research on the molecular structure-function relationship, regulation, and pathophysiology of ion channels, transporters, receptors, and pumps in the Channels, Synapses, and Circuits clusters.  His additional interests are in research on mitochondira and MTORopathy mediated epileptic spasms and structural epilepsies, identifying novel genes and biomarkers for epilepsy.   Dr. Umanah was an Assistant Professor of Neurology and Institute of Cell Engineering at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  He received his Master of Research in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Essex, England. Dr. Umanah earned his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville studying G-protein coupled receptor-ligand signal transduction. During his postdoctoral training in neurology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, he studied the mechanism of glutamate receptors mediated synaptic plasticity, epilepsy and neurological disorders. As a faculty his research on characterizing the novel ATAD1 and other genes, and mutations associated with epilepsy was funded by NINDS and other private sources. Dr. Umanah's lab used a combination of numerous state-of-the-art techniques spanning X-ray crystallization, cryo-electron microscopy, single-cell laser capture microscopy and animal models to study protein complexes associated with neurological diseases.