Director's Messages

Neuroscience Training for the Next Generation

(Tuesday, November 18, 2014)
Neuroscience is experiencing a period of impressive growth and is attracting the brightest and most enthusiastic students of any area of science.  The number of NIH-supported trainees graduating with a

New NINDS Funding Announcement Aims to Spur Basic Neuroscience Research

(Friday, November 7, 2014)
Earlier this year, Dr.

NINDS Congratulates Neuroscience Nobel Laureates

(Friday, October 10, 2014)
By recording single-cell activity while rats explored

Looking Ahead: A Message from the Acting NINDS Director

(Monday, October 6, 2014)
Working with Story Landis over the past seven years has not only been professionally fulfilling, but also an exciting learning experience. I view the opportunity to serve as the Acting Director of NINDS as a privilege and a pleasure.

First Blue Ribbon Panel Review of NINDS Intramural Research Program

(Wednesday, September 17, 2014)
Intramural research can play an important role in fulfilling the NIH mission.