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Director's Messages

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Announcing the NINDS Landis Award for Outstanding Mentorship

(Wednesday, August 30, 2017)
I was fortunate to have exceptional scientists as mentors who devoted many, many hours guiding me to think more scientifically. Two pieces of their sage advice continue to resonate with me today.

The NIH NeuroBioBank: Addressing the Urgent Need for Brain Donation

(Wednesday, July 5, 2017)
By Dr. Diana Bianchi (NICHD Director), Dr. Joshua Gordon (NIMH Director), and Dr. Walter Koroshetz (NINDS Director)

Federal Pain Research Strategy: Opportunities for public comment

(Friday, May 26, 2017)
By: Dr. Walter Koroshetz

Rigor not Mortis- strengthening the quality of neuroscience research

(Wednesday, April 5, 2017)
In 2012, after more than a decade of active efforts to identify effective approaches to support replication of critical pre-clinical studies, NINDS recognized that neuroscience could benefit from an initiative to improve the quality and rigor of the research that we fund.

Moving Toward Answers in ME/CFS

(Tuesday, March 21, 2017)
By: Dr. Walter Koroshetz and Dr. Francis Collins

NINDS and NICHD invite comments on Strategic Plan for Cerebral Palsy Research

(Friday, March 17, 2017)
By: Walter Koroshetz, NINDS Director, and Diana Bianchi, NICHD Director

Congratulations to NINDS’ first R35 Awardees!

(Friday, January 27, 2017)
In July 2015, NINDS issued the first funding opportunity announcement for the R35 Research Program Award (RPA).

Redesigning Early Stage Training Programs at NINDS

(Friday, November 11, 2016)
By: Steve Korn and Michelle Jones-London, NINDS Office of Training and Workforce Diversity, and Walter Koroshetz, NINDS Director

Nonprofit Forum Celebrates a Milestone!

(Wednesday, October 5, 2016)
This September marked a milestone for the NINDS Nonprofit Forum: its tenth anniversary!

Pain Awareness Month – Hope through Research

(Tuesday, September 20, 2016)
September is Pain Awareness Month.