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Director's Messages

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Advancing Science through Data Sharing

(Wednesday, September 15, 2021)
Around 1440, Gutenberg invented the printing press and since then science has been communicated in “papers”. However, current and future technologies for data storage and sharing offer new opportunities to enhance the value of meticulously collected data.  

September is Pain Awareness Month -- and NIH is Listening

(Wednesday, September 1, 2021)
This Pain Awareness Month, I am reflecting on how the experience of pain reaches beyond its physical sensation. The pain circuits in our bodies are built to protect us from harm – for example, moving away from a hot flame, or building long-lasting memories/reflexive actions that prevent injurious behaviors.

Good Science is Rigorous Science

(Monday, August 9, 2021)
NINDS is committed to funding research that, by improving our understanding of how the brain and nervous system works, reduces the burden of neurological disorders and injuries.

A New NIH Loan Repayment Program (LRP) will make LRP support available to virtually all clinician-scientists

(Tuesday, June 29, 2021)
Clinician-scientists, who understand diseases and disorders intimately due to their clinical training and practice, are critical to accomplishing the NINDS mission.

The Seventh Annual BRAIN Investigators Meeting Is Here!

(Monday, June 14, 2021)
From June 15-17, NIH will host the seventh annual Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies® (BRAIN) Initiative Investigators Meeting, with an exciting all-virtual format.

Funding Innovative Research: The NINDS Research Program Award (R35)

(Tuesday, June 8, 2021)
In addition to creativity, hard work and persistence, scientific discovery relies on researchers’ support to pursue critically important but difficult questions. This frequently requires long-term approaches and the ability to redirect experimental approaches as the evolving science dictates.

NINDS Releases New Five-Year Strategic Plan

(Wednesday, May 26, 2021)
In a wonderful opportunity to look ahead and steer the course and field of neuroscience research, I am happy to announce the new 2021-2026 NINDS Strategic Plan:

May is Stroke Awareness Month

(Wednesday, May 19, 2021)
May is Stroke Awareness Month, an opportunity to remember that despite amazing advances in research and clinical care, stroke continues to be the fifth leading cause of death and a leading cause of adult disability in the United States.

NINDS is committed to ending structural racism

(Thursday, March 4, 2021)
Inherent in the NINDS mission is that its goal of generating knowledge to reduce the burden of neurological disease should benefit all people. NIH has recently launched an agency-wide effort called the UNITE Initiative to end structural racism in biomedical research.

NINDS supports new initiative to understand long-term symptoms and promote recovery from COVID-19

(Wednesday, February 24, 2021)
Every day we are learning more about the effects of SARS-CoV-2 infection on the nervous system—in some cases detrimental effects that last far longer than the infection.