The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, part of the National Institutes of Health, is looking for individuals to participate in clinical studies. Participating in clinical trials allows you to play an active role in research on the nature and causes of many disorders of the brain and nervous system, and to possibly help physician-scientists develop future treatments. The information below is designed to help you quickly learn about actively recruiting research studies for which you or someone you know may be eligible.


The primary purpose of this randomized controlled trial is to test the effect of Power Training combined with interval Treadmill Training (PT³) on walking capacity and performance in children with CP with walking limitations. To identify key muscular mechanisms associated with improved walking mobility, the effects of PT³ on muscle performance and architecture will be examined. The premise of the PT³ protocol is that a combined impairment and task-specific approach that is developmentally appropriate and targets muscle power deficits specifically, is necessary to drive changes in both clinic and community-based walking activity. In this randomized multi-site clinical trial, 48 ambulatory participants with CP will receive either PT³ or an equivalent dosage of traditional strength training combined with traditional treadmill training (comparison group) for 24 sessions, 3 times per week for 8 weeks. Outcomes will be collected at baseline and immediately post-treatment. Short and long-term retention effects will be assessed at 2 and 6 months post.

Eligibility Criteria:

Inclusion Criteria: - Diagnosis of bilateral spastic Cerebral Palsy (CP) - Age 10 to 17 years inclusive - GMFCS levels I, II, or III Exclusion Criteria: - Orthopedic or neurosurgery less than 12 months prior to enrollment - Injection therapies (phenol, botulinum toxin) less than 3 months prior to enrollment - Lacking greater than 25 degrees of knee extension

Study Design:

Study Location:

Multiple U.S. Locations