Health Professionals

NINDS offers a variety of tools and educational materials designed for health professionals involved in the treatment of acute stroke.

Stroke Scale

Developed through research supported by NINDS, the NIH Stroke Scale helps doctors judge the severity of a stroke. Health professionals use the NIH Stroke Scale to measure neurological function and deficits by asking the person to answer questions and perform several physical and mental tests. This checklist of questions and tasks scores a person's level of alertness and ability to communicate and perform simple movements.

Stroke Scale Booklets
NINDS offers a free reference booklet for health professionals who administer the NIH Stroke Scale to patients. Note: Starting in 2024, NINDS will no longer provide these booklets to the community. The PDF will remain available to download.

Training Tools

Stroke Research

NINDS conducts stroke research and clinical trials at its laboratories and clinics at NIH, and through grants to major medical institutions across the country.

Resources for Patients

Materials can be ordered in single copies or in quantity, and can be used in medical schools, educational settings, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. The community education kit is a tool for increasing public awareness about stroke. Additional public education materials on stroke are also available for free from NINDS.

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