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Help us save lives and prevent disability. Use the Know Stroke campaign materials to raise awareness of stroke symptoms and treatment.

They are available in a variety of formats, including brochures, television and radio public service announcements (PSAs), videos, and posters. Most can be ordered for individual use or in quantity for distribution to healthcare facilities, government agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations, civic groups, and other community settings. These public education materials are available for free from NINDS.

Brochures & Fact Sheets

Toolkits & Posters

Radio PSAs

View transcripts for each of the radio PSAs below.

Ambulance: Listen to this 30 second PSA to learn why it is important to act fast when experiencing a stroke emergency.

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Hero: Want to be a hero? Listen to this 30 second PSA to learn what it takes to save someone from a stroke emergency.

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Rush: Recognizing the symptoms of stroke and receiving hospital treatment within one hour can prevent lifelong disability. Listen to this 30 second PSA to learn more.

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Ruth's Story: This 60 second PSA is a real life story that describes the importance of responding quickly to a stroke emergency.

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Know Stroke PSA (Ambulance): This PSA alerts audiences about the need to call 911 and arrive at a hospital within 60 minutes after a stroke to receive medical treatment immediately.


Know Stroke: This 8 minute video features experts in the field of stroke discussing the symptoms of stroke and what to do, as well as stories from people who have successfully recovered from a stroke.





Know Your Risks(pdf, 969 KB)
This infographic describes the two major kinds of stroke and provides information on how to lower your stroke risk.


Six Ways to Lower Your Risk For Stroke(pdf, 247 KB)
Making healthy lifestyle changes and managing chronic health conditions can reduce the chances of having a stroke. This infographic describes six ways to decrease your stroke risk.


Know Stroke: Facts(pdf, 360 KB)
Everyone should know the facts about stroke. Check out this infographic to learn how stroke impacts the lives of people in the United States.


act in time

Know Stroke: Act in Time(pdf, 397 KB)
Time is brain. Learn the importance of getting treatment early after a stroke with this infographic.

who is at risk

Know Stroke: Who is at Risk?(pdf, 379 KB)
Some populations are at a higher risk for having a stroke. This infographic describes how stroke risk varies by race, ethnicity, and age.

signs of stroke

Know Stroke: Signs(pdf, 293 KB)
Knowing the signs and symptoms of a stroke can help people react quickly when a stroke occurs. This infographic depicts the major stroke symptoms.

stroke prevention

Know Stroke: Prevention(pdf, 264 KB)
Adopting the 6 healthy lifestyle choices on this infographic can help decrease the chances of having a stroke.


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