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Study Title Sort ascending Disorders Status Study Location
Zoledronate in Preventing Osteoporosis in Patients With Primary Malignant Glioma Completed North Carolina
Zenapax to Treat Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis Completed Maryland
Zenapax (Daclizumab) to Treat Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Completed Maryland
Women's Estrogen for Stroke Trial (WEST) Stroke Completed
Wolman/CESD Natural History Chart Review and Longitudinal Follow-Up Completed Ohio
Wireless Nerve Stimulation Device To Enhance Recovery After Stroke Stroke Recruiting Texas
Wearable Sensor for Responsive DBS for ET Essential Tremor Completed Florida
Warfighter Head Injury Study Terminated Maryland
Warfarin Versus Aspirin Recurrent Stroke Study Stroke Completed New York
Warfarin Versus Aspirin in Reduced Cardiac Ejection Fraction (WARCEF) Trial Stroke Completed Multiple U.S. Locations
Volitional Swallowing in Stroke Patients With Chronic Dysphagia Stroke Completed Maryland
Vitamin Therapy for Prevention of Stroke Stroke Completed North Carolina
Vitamin D and Omega-3 Trial (VITAL) Active, Not Recruiting Massachusetts
Visualization of Cerebral Arteries Using Contrast-Enhanced Transcranial Ultrasound in Stroke Patients Stroke Terminated California
Viral Suppression After Analytic Treatment Interruption in Thai Patients Who Initiated Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy During Acute HIV Infection Completed
Vigor and the LDR in Parkinson Disease Recruiting Michigan
Vietnam Head Injury Study - Phase III Traumatic Brain Injury Completed Maryland
Vibration for Muscle Spasms After Spinal Cord Injury Recruiting Illinois
Vertebrobasilar Flow Evaluation and Risk of Transient Ischemic Attack and Stroke (VERiTAS) Stroke Completed Multiple U.S. Locations
VERiTAS II REFRESHED Stroke Not Yet Recruiting Illinois