NINDS awards $50 million for team science projects to enable transformative neuroscience

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Diverse team of scientists in the lab.

Team science expands our ability to pursue some of the most challenging problems in neuroscience in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and mechanistic manner. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) announces the first round of awards for the new NINDS Collaborative Opportunities for Multidisciplinary, Bold, and Innovative Neuroscience (COMBINE) program. This program enables multidisciplinary research teams to pursue critically important research goals that could not be met by individual or parallel efforts.

The six awards total approximately $50 million from NINDS over five years, pending availability of funds. The awards support multidisciplinary teams that seek to cross technical and conceptual boundaries through interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve a single, focused, and transformative goal. The projects span basic, translational, and neurological disease topics, including approaches that cross multiple species, scales, and disciplines. The NINDS COMBINE program emphasizes a team science approach to achieving transformative science through integration of diverse scientific disciplines, approaches, expertise, and personnel.

The next receipt date for the program is October 8, 2024. To learn more about the program and funding opportunities, visit the NINDS COMBINE program website.

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