Webinar: How Black men can help prevent stroke and dementia later in life

June 27, 2022 | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Did you know Black men ages 28 to 45 are at an increased risk of high blood pressure, which is a leading cause of stroke and can cause dementia? Many years before you have a stroke or notice signs of dementia, uncontrolled high blood pressure narrows your arteries, decreasing blood to your brain.

In honor of Men’s Health Month, Morehouse College, Morehouse School of Medicine, and NINDS are teaming up to bring you a free webinar focused on this important health topic. During the webinar, you’ll hear from experts about the higher risks of these health problems for Black men; the science behind high blood pressure, stroke, and dementia; and ways you can take steps now to lower the risk of health problems later in life. We’ll also share helpful resources from the NINDS Mind Your Risks® campaign, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and engage with the expert panel.