OPEN Stage Webinar: Life Trajectories to NIH (“Los Caminos de la Vida” a NIH) with Hispanic or Latin/LatinX Ambassadors and Allies to NINDS (H.O.L.A NINDS)

September 19, 2023 | 2:00 - 3:30 PM

Contact: Anahid Ebrahimi
Contact Email:

Virtual | Zoom Meeting
2:00 - 3:30pm EDT

Brown theater stage with red curtains pulled back revealing the words Open Stage in white. The NIH NINDS graphic in the top left corner. Overlaid on the stage are the words Hosted by the Office of Programs to Enhance Neuroscience Workforce Diversity

Current Hispanic or Latin/LatinX NIH employees will share their career trajectories, to shed light on the multitude of career paths that exist for scientists with similar backgrounds to attain a temporary or permanent position at NIH. All career levels: undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, early-, mid, and senior career faculty are encouraged to attend

Our speakers include:

The NINDS Office of Programs to Enhance Neuroscience Workforce Diversity (OPEN) is pleased to welcome you to the ongoing OPEN Stage webinar series, a targeted outreach effort for our diverse neuroscience community to learn about NINDS programs and network with NINDS program staff. Each webinar will feature a different NINDS program, division, or cluster with the goal of increasing the representation of diverse groups in our portfolio. To stay informed of more events in this series, join the NINDS Diversity News to Use Listserv.

Check out the OPEN Stage webinars YouTube playlist for recordings from the entire series.

Webinar slides (pdf, 6009 KB)