FITBIR Meta Study module Webinar

February 07, 2023 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Contact: Nsini Umoh
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Virtual | Meeting Recording
2:00 - 3:00pm ET


The new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy takes effect on January 25, 2023 and will require submission of a Data Management and Sharing Plan with any new or current proposals involving scientific data generation. This webinar will provide an overview of the modifications to the data sharing policy for the Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Research Informatics System (FITBIR), as well as, specifics about how the TBI research community can utilize FITBIR’s Meta Study to fulfill Data Management and Sharing requirements. After the overviews by NINDS and CIT Staff, there will be a Q&A panel discussion with the audience.

Panelists for this webinar include:

  • Nsini Umoh, PhD, NINDS Program Director for Traumatic Brain Injury research and co-Director of FITBIR
  • Matthew McAuliffe, PhD, Acting Chief, Office of Scientific Computing Services (OSCS) and Co-Director of FITBIR
  • Alison Garcia, MS, Project Manager, Center for Information Technology (CIT)
  • Kevin Armengol, MS, FITBIR Operations


The Federal Interagency Traumatic Brain Injury Research (FITBIR) Informatics System is an extensible, scalable informatics platform for TBI relevant data (medical imaging, clinical assessment, environmental and behavioral history, etc.) and for all data types (text, numeric, image, time series, etc.). FITBIR was developed to share data across the entire TBI research field and to facilitate collaboration between laboratories, as well as interconnectivity with other informatics platforms. Sharing data, methodologies, and associated tools, rather than summaries or interpretations of this information, can accelerate research progress by allowing re-analysis of data, as well as re-aggregation, integration, and rigorous comparison with other data, tools, and methods. This community-wide sharing requires common data definitions and standards, as well as comprehensive and coherent informatics approaches.

NINDS-funded TBI research data involving human subjects research that is not covered by the NOT-NS-17-029 will now be required to house data in the Meta Study Module within FITBIR. This webinar will cover policy updates (NOT-NS-23-046), steps to submit data to the Meta Study module, and a Q&A session.

Recordings from this webinar will be posted on the FITBIR website 

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