3rd FITBIR Stakeholders Meeting

3rd FITBIR Stakeholders Meeting

July 19, 2021
July 19, 2021



NIH Videocast

Event Description: 

The 3rd FITBIR Stakeholders Meeting will provide an update on the status and capabilities of FITBIR, and will gather input on how to enhance FITBIR to meet the needs and expectations of the TBI research community. The meeting is open to the public and anyone interested in TBI research. The keynote speaker for the event is Dr. Susan Gregurick, the Associate Director for the Data Science and Director of the Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS) at the NIH. Dr. Gregurick’ s presentation will provide the NIH ODSS perspective on the significance of FAIR data principles and practices in biomedical research.

The meeting will also consist of several panel sessions:

  • The Patient and Caregivers Perspective Panel will enlighten attendees about challenges faced by those who have experienced and/or cared for persons with a history TBI. It will also provide a patient’s perspective on prioritization of clinical research questions that remain unanswered.
  • The Data Submission Experiences Panel will discuss the goals of submitted studies and inform attendees about the data and metadata available for these studies.
  • The Data Access Experiences Panel will discuss the results of where FITBIR data was used and inform attendees about how the data was selected and accessed.
  • The FITBIR Experiences – Usability Panel will be a moderated discussion of the processes of submitting and accessing data into and out of FITBIR, including challenges and development of methods and pipelines to improve efficiencies.
  • The Best Practices Panel will be a moderated discussion of best practices in data management within laboratories and institutions for alignment with FITBIR policies, the upcoming NIH strategic plan, and improving rigor, in examples CDE usage, using form structures, curation, and cross-mapping.
  • The FITBIR Policy and Holdings Panels Addressing Health Disparities will be a moderated discussion known TBI-related health disparities and whether FITBIR Policies and holdings can enable better understanding and approaches to reduce these disparities.


The goal of this meeting is to engage the TBI community. Participants will be provided an update on FITBIR systems capabilities and data holdings. This interactive, virtual meeting will include a question and answer portion and serve as an opportunity to provide feedback about using FITBIR.