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Study Title Sort descending Disorders Status Study Location Clinical Trials ID
Brain Activity in People With Functional Movement Disorders Completed Maryland NCT00448084
Brain Activity in Time Discrimination and Sensory Input Completed Maryland NCT00726050
Brain Activity in Visual-Motor Behavior Completed Maryland NCT00077038
Brain Anatomy in Dystonia Dystonia Terminated Maryland NCT00031369
Brain and Behavior Correlates of Arm Rehabilitation Completed California NCT04989920
Brain Areas Involved in Sound and Spoken Word Memory Terminated Maryland NCT01375595
Brain Blood Flow Responses During Exercise Enrolling by Invitation Wisconsin NCT05864950
Brain Blood Flow Studies of Language and Memory Epilepsy and Seizures Completed Maryland NCT00001288
Brain Changes Associated With Learning a Motor Task Completed Maryland NCT00076466
Brain Changes in Adolescents While Imagining and Observing Aggressive Behavior Completed Maryland NCT00267891
Brain Changes in Blepharospasm Dystonia Terminated Maryland NCT00487383
Brain Changes in Blepharospasm Completed Maryland NCT00500799
Brain Changes in Patients With Focal Hand Dystonia Completed Maryland NCT00306865
Brain Connectivity Between Visual Input and Movement Completed Maryland NCT00376545
Brain Control of Bimanual (Both Hands) Movements Completed Maryland NCT00029302
Brain Control of Blinking Completed Maryland NCT00030199
Brain Control of Movements in Cerebral Palsy Cerebral Palsy Completed District of Columbia NCT00076596
Brain Dynamics Involved in Generating Tics and Controlling Voluntary Movement Tourette Syndrome Completed Maryland NCT00056420
Brain Electrical Stimulation to Enhance Recovery After Stroke Stroke Completed Multiple U.S. Locations NCT00085657
Brain Encoding for Memory Completed Maryland NCT00051870